Sunday January 6, 2013: Mishmash

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Daily stuff:

Back to work Thursday and it wasn’t easy to get back into routine. I didn’t really wanted to go back to work already but bills have to be paid and food has to be on the table. At least the advantage of 2 workdays is that it was weekend after just 2 days.

We had a quiet weekend which was lovely after all the holidays. Most people don’t like January but I love it because everything is back to normal and a whole new year is lying ahead of us.

We didn’t do much, had movie night yesterday and watched Horrible Bosses, it was an okay movie. We didn’t want a “heavy” movie just one you could watch mindlessly.

This afternoon we went to my friend T. who is having her birthday today. She never celebrates big but we always go to congratulate her. As usual my gift to her was an invitation for dinner at my house, it’s a tradition we have for years now.


Back to working out before work means running in the dark again. We’re lucky that the weather is so mild so far this winter, it hasn’t been really cold yet. Only a few more months and daylight will be return. The run itself went good. I had to do 7 x 3 minutes running and the last 3 minutes was at a 6:00 pace (per km). That was hard and I had to step out of my comfort zone to do it but I did.

Run-walk ratio: 7 x 3, 1 minute walking inbetween (21 minutes running, 7 minutes walking)
Weather: dry, bit windy, 9C (48 degrees)
Distance: 4 K / 2.5 miles
Time: 00:28:12
Last song on Ipod before finish: Chicago – Saturday in the park.

I did a fun run this morning, just running for fun, take a walk break when I need it, don’t look at my pace and it turned out to be a very good run. I took 2 walk breaks and just enjoyed running.

Weather: dry, little  wind, 7C (44 degrees)
Distance: 3.5 K / 2.1 miles
Time: 00:23:49
Last song on Ipod before finish: Fun! – We are young.



Lunch (8 points): brought my own lunch which I plan to do more often. I made a salad from a WW cook book: couscous with cucumber and tomatoes. This was for 1 person but it was too much to eat it all. I ate about ¾ of it. I also had to kiwi (Zespri) fruits.


Lunch (9 points): Another salad with pasta yellow pepper, rocket salad and cherry tomatoes with a dressing of low fat yogurt with a little bit of pesto. I like the salad but the yogurt in it not so much. Think I will replace that with a little extra virgin olive oil. Think I will like it better that way.


Breakfast (6 points) was a whole wheat bread with a boiled egg.

Lunch (10 points) was 2 slices of bread with bacon, spinach, tomato and cheese that I put under the grill for a few minutes till the cheese was melted. It was delicious, I had the same for lunch today.


Dinner (6 points): Tomato-lentil soup with Turkish bread that I put under the grill with some garlic and olive oil as a topping. Delicious! I made two portions and put one in the freezer for a day I don’t have much time to cook.


I forgot to take pictures of my breakfast this morning that was a croissant with jelly. I didn’t make dinner because I was full from the snacks I had in the afternoon and just ate 2 slices of bread with peanut butter.

Weekly workout review:

I have been taking it easier the past 2 weeks with my exercises and running and I don’t mind. Sometimes you have to take it a bit easier. As of tomorrow I will pick up my regular exercise schedule again.

11 thoughts on “Sunday January 6, 2013: Mishmash

  1. Turkish bread? Sounds like something I would love!

    Your eats look so yummy!

    I find January just be a little endless. Maybe because it gets so cold here and going outside is not as much fun. Plus I really start missing my bike about now. We do have super bowl to look forward to and our annual Mardi Gras party :D You are invited to that, if you want to come! :D

  2. I’m off to a good start with losing weight. Tonight we had chicken/rice covered with salsa – beans/tomatoes/cheese. It is a WW recipe and is excellent. 5 points!
    You should try Criminal Minds. You might like it. I’m addicted.

  3. How many points are you allowed a day…and how do you divide them between breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner….
    Meals looks so tasty……given me some lovely salad ideas.

  4. Usually it’s February that I’m not fond of but this year it has already snowed, even before January 1 and it has been so cold, the snow has not melted. This means I am on the treadmill which I’m not fond of. I always look forward to the weekend when I can wait until daylight and be outside!

    All that food looks yummy and it sounds like you are satisfied which is one of the hardest things about being in weight loss mode, isn’t it?

  5. I can’t believe we are colder here in Texas than you are in Holland – somehow, with your snow and frozen ponds, I figured you were always really cold – but my last few weeks’ worth of runs have been right around freezing in temps…brrr!

    Your food looks good – normal, fresh, and very appealing. Way to treat your body well! :)

  6. Your salads look fantastic Fran. I’m loving seeing your weight watchers meals. Gives me some great ideas. I also love the last songs on your ipod. Chicago are one of my favorite all time bands. :) Have a wonderful Monday.

  7. I know it isn’t easy to go back at work after two weeks vacation.
    Turkish bread is really delicious! I also love kiwi although those fruits are shipped away from the other side of the world (Chile and New Zealand). I always try to buy fruits and veggies from farmers of the country where I live.
    Keep running, Fran!

  8. As you read in my latest post, I’m trying to pack my lunches more often this year. So far so good. I like the idea for the salads. I was going to ask how that yogust/pesto salad was because it sounds really good but I’ll take your advice and not try it. This week I plan to roast some butternut squash and mix it with quinoa and maybe some pinenuts and olive oil. That should make a few tasty lunches for me!
    Thanks for sharing your meals. It gives me inspiration on what to make for myself. That tomato/bacon/spinach sandwhich looks delicious!

  9. The couscous looks yummy as does the pasta, but I agree that a bit of olive oil may be better. Well doen on your exercise regime. I just started a diet (and diet blog) for 2013, but exercise is my one down fall, will have to find a way to get some in.

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