Tuesday January 8, 2013: WW update

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Daily stuff:

A day in my life: Monday

5.15 am: Get up
5.30 am: Insanity workout
6.15 am: Shower, get dressed, make lunch, eat breakfast.
7.15 am: Leave for work
7.45 am: Arrive at work
4.15 pm: Leave work
4.30 pm: Home, change and clean bathroom and dust and vacuum 3 bedrooms.
6.00 pm: Cook
6.30 pm: Dinner
7.00 pm: Walk with Bella
7.45 pm: Finally …. me time
10.15 pm: Bed time

Monday is my busiest day. How was your day today?


I did my first full Insanity workout yesterday morning and boy that’s a tough one. I couldn’t keep up but luckily for me, it was said often enough: go at your own pace. I did the best I could and had a good workout. Although it was hard, I did like the workout.
Total time: 39 minutes.

This morning I was supposed to run and I did go out but ende up doing a walk around the block. I just didn’t want to run. But … I felt bad about it all day and it influenced my mood which always happens when I skip a workout. Need to remember that next time I don’t want to workout. On top of that when I got home I pulled off my hat without realizing my head was still on it. Result: head lamp on the floor and broken. I already ordered a new one online that’s coming tomorrow because I need it Thursday. It wasn’t a very good day today.



Breakfast (6 points): low fat yoghurt with a banana and muesli.


Lunch (9 points) was 3 slices of whole wheat bread with lean pork, salad and a little bit of mustard with mayonnaise. I bought a glass of milk at work.


Dinner (7 points): Cod fish with a tablespoon olive oil and cherry tomatoes out of the oven, potatoes and salad with honey-mustard dressing.


Breakfast (6 points): 2 slices of whole wheat bread with ham, an orange.


Lunch (10 points): 3 slices of whole wheat bread with cheese, cucumber and tomato. I bought a class of milk at work.

Dinner (9 points): chicken breast, baked potatoes, grilled zucchini.

Weight Watchers review:

First week WW done. I started tracking on Wednesday 2nd. The first 3 days were hard. I was hungry all the time, not because I didn’t eat enough but because I ate what I could eat instead of eating more than I should which I had done the past months.

Friday night I was feeling terrible and instead of cooking I gave in to some fast food that I did track. Usually that’s a point where I say “okay all is lost now, why bother” but I did continue. Saturday morning I felt so much better and since then I’m doing fine.

The next 4 weeks I will eat mostly WW recipes to hopefully get some weight loss (I’m a slow weight loser). In February I will add recipes from my cook books again that I will enter in the food database at the WW website to calculate the points.

I bought 2 books. The first one is a book for “starters” and has 4 weeks of meal plans in it. I will use most of the suggestions the next 4 weeks. If I don’t like something I replace it with a different WW recipe. The other one is a book with 365 meal plans. I will use that book as much as possible too after the first 4 weeks.

14 thoughts on “Tuesday January 8, 2013: WW update

  1. Dear Chopped Liver,
    I was going to comment earlier but had to send out text messages to everyone on my cell phone. Thanks for your comment on the post. I have not blogged in ages. It’s a miracle.
    Your food photos are looking pretty tasty!

  2. Your Monday was busy, and a long day! Lori wants to know about snack time…I want to know about nap time, lol!

    Isn’t it interesting how the guilts and blahs seem to follow you, when you skip a workout without a good reason? Oftentimes I think if I’d just spent the XX number of minutes doing it, I wouldn’t spend what seems like hours feeling bad about it!

    Sounds like you are getting into the groove of things with WW, and good for you for tracking the fast food meal AND for not throwing in the towel on the whole diet over one meal. This is your year, Fran! :)

  3. I LOVE my morning time – I am up at 6:30, and don’t have to leave for work until 8:00 – my start time is 8:45.

    Question – are you not eating the 49 flex points?? For all your working out, you need to eat those! :D

  4. I’m so glad you found my blog. Looks like I can get some great food ideas from yours as I’m often in a food rut.

    I can’t believe you do insanity. My trainer has me doing just a few exercises from it and it kicks my butt. Good for you!

  5. What a busy Monday. Good luck with WW. I lost weight when I was on it but then gained when I stopped. Finally found my mojo though! Good luck the next 4 weeks!! Hopefully they will get you in a good cycle!

  6. To have not given up because you indulged a bit is a HUGE victory Fran! You have every right to be proud of that. Slow but steady weight loss is a good thing , and much more realistic to keeping it off I think.

    Most of my days look like your Monday. If I’m not cleaning or cooking after work, I’m off to Muay Thai. I rarely have more than an hour (other than at work) where I’m just doing nothing. Last night I got home at 7:30 showered, fixed and ate dinner and was in bed by 9. Back up at 4 this morning. Sometimes it feels like a drag but I usually don’t regret it.

  7. Monday sure is a busy day for you….Monday is my quiet day…no teaching and alone after the weekend. I love my Mondays after a busy weekend…
    Hope you get lovely food idea’s from your new books.

  8. You are doing great! Unless weight watchers has greatly changed since I attended (that is how I lost the 130 pounds the first time around) that is the beauty of the plan, you CAN stick the fast food in there on occasion if it happens. It doen’t derail. Weight watchers is teaching us how to live in a NORMAL world, eating NORMAL food and living a NORMAL life. That means having your cake AND eating it too……in moderation! So glad you found me….and I just LOVE your name! :-) (As you know, I’m MaryFran ….. my mom is Fran…and now you! so it is a GREAT name for GREAT people!)

  9. Hi Fran, sure seems like you are in the WW groove. How fun to see the materials too. We don’t have anything like the 365 meal day things. (or if its there, I’ve never seen it) Have a wonderful Friday!!!!

  10. Wow….busy Monday! I am currently unemployed and you would THINK I would have a lot of time on my hands, but the days seem to fly by….especially Monday! Happy to have a new healthy blogger friend to follow!
    Your food photos are great, however….I’m STARVING now!! LOL!

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