Friday January 11, 2013: Mishmash

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I got some questions from some of you at my last post. I collected them and answer them here:

  • Lori asked if I eat anything between lunch and dinner.
    I do, also between breakfast and lunch. Usually fruits that is 0 Points. I can’t make it from
    meal to meal on workdays. At the weekend I often skip the snacks because breakfast is later
    and I can make it till lunch.
  • Shelley asked about nap time :)
    I don’t often take naps.  Sometimes on a Saturday afternoon I take a power nap on the couch
    for 30 minutes. That happened more often when I was training for a half and did my long run
    on Saturday.
  • Biz asked me if I don’t eat the flex points because I should because of all my workouts.
    So far I haven’t used them much but I thought about your comment and you are making a
    point here. I’m going to make sure I use more Points on days where I do “heavy” workouts.
    I did some yoga for 30 minutes on Wednesday which is more for my flexibility than that I
    break a sweat. I don’t find it necessary to eat more on days like that.
    Thanks for reminding me Biz.

How do you like my new jackets girls? I needed color in my wardrobe so I bought a yellow and green jacket. I can wear them with black or blue in Winter and wear them through Spring and Summer. I’m bringing back my outfits as of next Monday on the blog.



Wednesday morning I did a yogalates workout for the lower body. I like these workouts because they aren’t too long (I get bored easily with yoga) and it has Pilates exercises in it.
Total time 30 minutes.

I got up for my run Thursday morning but I wasn’t feeling well. I had a terrible headache because I’ve catched a cold that started bothering me Wednesday. But with the reminder of Tuesday in the back of my head where I didn’t run and regretted it all day, I did go and see how far I would come.
Well, not very far. It was a terrible run, I had trouble breathing and my head almost exploded. I ended up doing 1 minute intervals and was glad I was back home after 20 minutes. But … during the day I was glad I did try it, no regrets.

Today is a rest day and I’m glad I feel much better already and going to try another run tomorrow.



Breakfast (8 points): Oatmeal with milk and 1 tablespoon of raisins and I added some brown sugar.

Lunch (9 points) a pita bread filled with tomato, feta cheese, olive oil and parsil. This was surprisingly tasty.


Dinner (9 points): Pork meat, cooked potatoes, Brussels sprouts.


Snacks: 3 clementines, 1 apple, 2 cookies (2 points)


Breakfast (6 points): low fat yogurt, 1 banana and muesli.


Lunch (14 points): I had nothing left in the fridge and was supposed to buy a bread, ham and cheese and some salad at work. But the temptation was too big and I bought some soup, a panini with ham and cheese and milk. This came at 14 points.

But I did learn something and that’s that I better bring my lunch to work so I won’t give in to bad food temptations.

Dinner (10 points): mashed potatoes, carrots and onions with a beef sausage.


Snacks: 1 mueslibar (2 points) 3 clementines, 1 glass of red wine (4 points)


Breakfast (4 points): 2 slices of bread with hüttenkäse and cucumber.

Lunch (11 points): 3 slices of bread with cheese, cucumber and tomato. I bought a bowl tomato soup and a glass of milk at work.

Dinner (12 points) was a WW recipe. Tagliatelle with ham, leek and mushrooms in a sauce of bouillon and herb soft cheese. Delicious.


Snacks: 3 clementines, not hungry in the afternoon and skipped my apple.

Movies I’ve seen lately

The Intouchables.

Last weekend of 2012 we watched this movie and it is the best movie I’ve seen all year. I highly recommend that you see this movie. I had a smile on my face the entire movie and if I didn’t I was crying. What a fantastic and feel good movie.

The movie is French and is based on a true story: a rich man gets paralyzed by paragliding and needs 24 hour care. A poor young man with a criminal past comes to the job interview but only to get an autograph so he can get his social money. The young men ends up working for the rich men and they develop a friendship that lasts till today. They learn things about each others world and interests. That’s all I’m going to tell you about it, you really should see it for yourself. I promise you: it’s worth it.

10 thoughts on “Friday January 11, 2013: Mishmash

  1. What a fun post! I nap when I have a long run, too. :)

    Your new jackets are great – I love how you incorporate color into your wardrobe. Glad you are bringing back your outfit posts!

    Good on ya for getting out there and trying to run. I hope your cold is getting better…yeah, it’s pretty hard to run when you can’t breathe through your nose.

    Yum to the clementines – I’ve been hooked on them lately. Unfortunately, Jeff and Max started liking them as well – end result? No clems for me yesterday!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Those jacket colours are great. You could line up with any Australian national team and fit in.

    Intouchables was my favourite movie of the year too. I laughed out loud, smiled, cried and left the cinema feeling so good.

  3. I like the teal jacket – very pretty. Did you know that emerald green is supposed to be one of the hot colors of 2013? I found that out today.

    It’s funny how we all know how to eat healthy and make the right choices when eating out, but it is so hard to stick to that choice. Sometimes I go in with the best of intentions to order X and end up with Y or Z :D
    Even when you do stick to a plan, the healthiest choices at a restaurant can easily eat up your your calorie (or point) budget.

    Have a great weekend Fran!

  4. When I have a cold, if it’s just in my head and not in my chest, I try to keep my running up. Yes, breathing is harder but like you said, even if the run is slow you don’t regret it later. Or I walk. At least that way I’m still moving my legs!

    I used to nap almost every Sunday afternoon when Little Helen was growing up but I rarely do that anymore. I think I just get enough sleep that I don’t need a nap. Napping after a long run is common and one of the reasons why people can train for a distance race and never lose weight. I read that a lot of runners go out and do long runs then because it made them tired, they come home and sit or lay around which reverses all those calories they burned. Based on my own experience, I think it’s true. Funny, eh?

  5. Fran, I know you have not gone back to the WW group….but you do know that WW has changed again…fruit is no longer free….no one was losing weight and there was huge complaints going on when they changed the program….see now its not back to the old one totally, but they have taken fruit off the free list. Contact WW or google – you will get this news there and the reason being high is sugar…

  6. That does sound like a good movie. Most of your food looks so good. I guess I am hungry! I just ordered a new Weight Watchers cookbook. I hope it’s inspiring.

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