Tuesday January 22, 2013: 10 years at the company

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As you might remember I had a jubilee day back in September for all the people that had their jubilee last year. Today was all about me because we celebrated my 10 years at the company today with the people I work with daily. My official jubilee date was December 16th but my manager was extremely busy the last month of last year and asked me to postpone because he wanted to give me the jubilee I deserved so we postponed till today.

When I arrived at work there were posters everywhere on my way to the first floor where my office is. My manager had a colleague who is very good with photoshop made it. The subtitle says “in top shape to the next 10 years”.

At 10 am all my colleagues came to my managers office to congratulate me and after that my manager prepared a speech for me. Boy, he does know me well. I can’t remember everything (he did everything with only some words on a piece of paper) but I do remember some.

High standards: he told the others that I hardly ever make mistakes but when I do, he’s having fun for a week, mostly because I hate it so much to make mistakes. He said that happened twice since we work together.

Guardian angel versus pitbull: he says I’m very protective of the managers I work for and I do anything for them to help them do their job -> guardian angel. If I have to do something for them I go through walls if I have to to get it done -> pitbull. He also said he never has to write down what he asks me to do because he knows that once it’s asked, it’s done.

Discrete: he told everyone there that he could trust me a 100%, that I know everything what’s going on in the company but never tell anyone and how important that is for him.

Caring: he said I care for the managers I work for and I care for the ones at home: R., my family and friends and Bella of course. He said that I sometimes come to him and say that we need to have a talk and I usually have an idea how to do things better or how I can help one of the other managers of the company. He likes my initiative and that I’m always looking how I can help others. I can have a big mouth but deep down I’m a very sensitive and sweet girl who wants to take care of others.

Perfectionist: he used my running for this. He was already my manager when I started running and he knows how much time and effort I put into it. He said I should be more proud of what I’ve accomplished. He mentioned my DNF at the half marathon because of the heat. He knew how much I’ve trained for it and that I was ready. I was too hard on myself for not finishing that day, I should have looked back at how I got there and what I had accomplished with running. Bottom line: I should be more proud of my runs instead of looking at what went wrong. Hmmmm he could be right.

He ended by saying how glad he was that I am his assistant and hoped we have many more years of working together to come.

By that time I was blushing, I don’t like being in the spotlights, that’s why I chose this job: let me take care of things in the background and I’m happy. I had a little thank you prepared myself and it felt like I was shaking and blushing but my colleagues said later that I did great and it was a sweet speech. My last words were for my manager and the one I had worked for for 7 years because they are special for me.

Then I got a present, everyone had given some money to buy me a present and I got a couple of dinner cheques so R. and I can go out for dinner. We ended with cake and a group photo. The photos below one of my colleagues took with my camera but there was a professional photographer too and when I get his photos I’ll show them here.

With one of my favorite colleagues:

 On my right the manager I worked with for 7 years, he’s retiring this July. Next to him the manager I work for now.

So many came, this is not even half of the people that came for me.


Well enough self-clarification for one day back to keeping both foot on the ground. But it does feel pretty damn good to be this appreciated.


After doing nothing for 2 days I did a short The Firm Express workout, cardio to see how I would feel and how it would go and it went okay. Still not 100% fit but much, much better.
Total time: 20 minutes.

This morning when I woke up I felt I had a setback and felt worse than yesterday. The decision to take an extra rest day was made quickly and I didn’t do anything today.

Weight Watchers review:


Three weeks down and many more to go. I had a totally off day on Thursday. I had a meeting including lunch and I ate too much. I find it hard to estimate what I eat when I don’t make it myself and I ended up not counting on Thursday. Friday I didn’t eat much good food because I was sick. But the other days of the week were good. The good news is that I just continued counting and eat healthy after an off day. And I was rewarded by another loss on the scale. Next week I’ll give an update on that.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday January 22, 2013: 10 years at the company

  1. You work for a very nice company, and I love that they celebrate their employees like this. What a lovely tribute – isn’t it interesting to hear how others see you?

    P.S. You look smokin’ hot in that outfit!

  2. Oh Fran this is so nice. How nice of your colleagues and your manager to celebrate you. How wonderful that your manager knows you so well. And he had such WONDERFUL things to say about you. I love that first poster. I hope you got to keep it! Wow! You must have felt so special. The way you take care of those you work with is so nice. I am very impressed.

  3. Congratulations Fran! I think your firm is lucky to have you, and I’m glad they gave you a wonderful celebration of this big milestone. If there are any leftover cupcakes…well, my address in Vancouver is… HA! Kidding of course. Enjoy your Wednesday my friend!!

  4. I love all this….and now want to celebrate my ten years at the company when it arrives.
    since I work from home I shall commandeer the child to photoshop a post of me :-)

  5. Fran, I feel so emotional reading this entry…what an amazing way to celebrate 10 years…and for your manager to say such wonderful things about you….I only know you via blogs and I think he describes you the way I imagine you to be. They are indeed blessed to have you working for them.What a proud moment for you my friend….

  6. congrats Fran, and so happy to hear that you were celebrated and that they recognize what an amazing person you are. Must of been such and amazing day for you. Makes coming to work everyday so much easier.

    Love the photos :0) it made me smile!

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