Tuesday December 17, 2013: Health update

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I had the appointment with the specialist at the hospital today. We talked about my problems/symptoms and I had the feeling he was taking me seriously. R. had come with me to back me up if necessary but that wasn’t the case. My doctor however didn’t inform him which things she tested, only that several tests were negative. He wanted to test some other things himself (don’t know what, for infections that I do know) and I had to give blood again and samples of my feaces. Luckily I was able to go to the toilet in the hospital and they took my blood immediately too. I have a new appointment on January 7 when the results are back and we will discuss further.

He was kind of surprised I never got any kind of medication for my problems and prescribed a powder that will help to get more firm feaces and less toilet visits. Although I’m no further than yesterday I still am one step closer to a diagnose. To be continued …

I bought a new toy for myself: a brand new laptop. Not that I wanted it so much but I have a desktop computer that’s more than 10 years old and works on Windows XP. Since XP won’t be supported anymore in April next year and my computer wasn’t suitable for Windows 7 or 8, there was nothing left to do to buy a new one. I didn’t spend too much money on it because I use my computer only for internet, Word and Excel. I don’t use heavy programs or download with it. I did buy an Office 2013 program with it. I choose a laptop so I can use it downstairs too if I want too. I have to say, I’m very happy with it.

Countdown to vacation: 2 work days left in 2013 …

Beebox content week 50:

Eggs, red and yellow onions, apples, paté, cavolo nero, pears, carrots, brown beer, red cabbage, beef, pumpkin, carrot parsley, red Jerusalem artichoke.

Lots of things this week I don’t buy myself. Luckily they had a recipe on the website for a stew with most of the vegetables that I made on Sunday, otherwise I wouldn’t have an idea what to make with it.


Monday: Running

After 2 weeks of doing nothing but walking, I went back to running. I took 2 steps back in my schedule and decided I would just run the intervals, pace didn’t matter. And I have to say it went surprisingly well. I finished all the running intervals. The weather was extremely soft for this time of year, still don’t need my thermo underwear during my runs.

Distance: 4.4 K / 2.7 miles
Time: 00:32:51
Running: 2-4-5-6-7 minutes.
Weather: dry, windy, 8C (46 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Train – Bruises

Photo a day challenge:

December 11: Green.
No inspiration, so took a photo of our vacation in Umbria in 2008.

December 12: Joy is …
Miss Bella sneaking to our bedroom every morning and pretend she’s a donut.

December 13: Composition
My interpretation of composition: Italy Summer 2012.

December 14: Drink
My favourite: red wine.

December 15: Lights.
The windmill in my village.

December 16: Makes you feel merry
Miss Bella makes us merry everyday.

December 17: Tree
What else than our Christmas tree.


Sunday December 15

Made a stew of most of the vegetables from the Beebox and it was very good. I put the leftovers in the freezer for another meal. I had a grilled steak to go with it.

Monday December 16

Meatball, cooked potatoes, red cabbage with apple and cream.


6 thoughts on “Tuesday December 17, 2013: Health update

  1. EEEE! I love the lit up windmill! :D

    I am actually a little surprised that no one every gave you meds to treat some of your symptoms. Normally I don’t like doctors to just always throw medicines at problems instead of coming to the root issue, but they should at least be trying to help you *feel* better.

  2. Hi Fran, sorry you are no further ahead for a diagnosis….keep us posted. I am LOVING your photos!!!!! So, so glad you are in the photo group! And the new laptop? OOOOH!!!!!! Big yay that you’ll be on holiday soon!!! Hugs

  3. One step closer….the more things you rule out…the closer you are to finding the true issue!

    Yay to the laptop. I am hopefully going to be getting a new one very soon….I’m quite nervous about making the change to the new Windows as it is totally different. :-)

  4. OOOH, that is one sweet laptop! Nice! I didn’t know they were discontinuing support on the older Windows programs; I guess it’s good I am using Windows 8 now (got it with my new desktop last summer), although I still struggle with some of the programs…I probably don’t use them often enough to remember the tricks.

    Love that lighted windmill! Is it only lit for the holidays, or is it year-round? And donut-Bella looks so cuddly and cute in that picture!

    I hope hope hope on January 7th you will have a diagnosis and plan of treatment/action for your issue, but in the meantime, I hope the powder he gave you helps!

  5. I love your tree Fran – so pretty! Do you have Windows 8 then? We bought a laptop over the summer and hated it, had to find a program to get out of using it – it wasn’t user friendly at all. Hope you like it if you have it though!

  6. I’m so glad you have a doctor that is taking you seriously.

    My favorite picture is the one with the stairs(?) in Italy. So beautiful!

    Such a cute picture of Bella with her toy, and I like your new toy as well (laptop!)

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