Monday December 23, 2013: Goals 2014

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Since I don’t have that much to say except that we had a great night with our friends last Saturday, that all my Christmas shopping is done, that we are not going to have a white Christmas, that I’m enjoying my days off, I think it’s a good idea to reveal my goals for 2014.

Goals 2014:


I want to do 1 long walk of 1 hour or more every week with Bella and I want to walk with her as many days as possible.

The walking events for 2014 are online and there are so many organized walks, I can do one almost every weekend. I also want to do a part of one of the long distance walks across the country at least once a month. If there’s no walk or I don’t have time to do a part of the other walks, I will take a long walk around my village.

We are doing great this year and a 1000K was close. That will be our goal for 2014: walk 1000K (625 miles).


In 2014 my focus will be on running 5K and 10K. During Winter I’ll run max. 5K, in the Summer months I will train for 10K. I’m not sure yet if I will do races, I do have written down the races in 2014 that are close to home and will decide only short before the date if I will do a race.

Goals is to run more than in 2013 which is my worst year in running since I started, run a 10K without stopping and most important: just enjoy running.


As you know I have a lot of cook books, it’s my addiction to collect them. But I don’t use them enough. I have counted how much books I have and that’s 108! Of those 16 books are diet books or for special occasions (like Christmas). That leaves 92 cook books.

My goal for 2014 is to use those 92 cook books at least one time in 2014. That means I have to use at least 2 cook books a week.

And these are my goals for next year. I actually see them as fun goals. I love walking and cooking. I used to love running and think that this goal will help me give my love for running back.

As you can see there’s nothing about weight loss next year. I still have and want to lose weight but my main priority is to be healthy again. I will focus on eating healthy as much as possible, walking, running and exercise and will see what that does for my weight. There will be no diets and no talking about my weight. There’s one exception and that’s when I do reach my goal weight, then I’ll shout it out loud.

My blog will be about my walks with Bella, running, cooking and other things that happen in my life. As you can see I even changed the name of my blog.

I wish you, my dear blogger friends, a wonderful happy Christmas, surrounded by your loved ones. I’ll be back on Friday. 

Photo a day challenge:

December 18: Big
From my archives, the most beautiful church in the world for me. The black and white cathedral in Sienna, Italy.

December 19: ‘Tis the season to …
Eat “Boerenkoolstamppot met worst en spekjes” (kale with mashed potatoes, sausage and bacon), a Dutch Winter dish.

December 20: I’m listening to ..
Birds singing on a beautiful, silent Winter morning during my walk with Bella.

December 21: On the door
Not exactly on my door but right next to the door.

December 22: Sparkly

December 23: Tradition
I struggled a bit with this theme but realized it’s a tradition I have a vacation around Christmas/New Year every year which means Bella and I can take our walks in daylight instead of walking in the dark on workdays during Winter.


Saturday December 21

I used the Brussels sprouts and mushrooms and made a delicious frittata with it. Never thought of using Brussels sprouts for that but it was delicious.

Sunday December 22

I baked Christmas cookies in the afternoon.

Dinner was “cookies” made from potatoes and savoy cabbage with some goat cheese on top. I had a salad with chicory and apple as a side dish.


7 thoughts on “Monday December 23, 2013: Goals 2014

  1. Merry Christmas to you and R, Fran!

    I love your goals and holy crap that is a lot of cookbooks LOL! I look forward to seeing what you make out of them.

  2. Merry Christmas!!!!

    A few years back I made it a goal to try one new recipe each week. I had sooooo much fun perusing my plethera of cookbooks (I don’t even want to try to count)

  3. I missed this post – Merry Christmas (late)!

    I like your goals very much. Walking every day is such a great thing for your health, both physical and mental. I love that you are doing this, and the long walks on the weekend? So good! Plus we both know how much Bella loves it. :)

    As for your running, I like your focus. I’ve started trying to run longer without stopping to walk, but at the moment, it’s hard since I’m still having to run so far because of the half marathon in a month. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to JUST running 3 or 4 miles, and getting my stamina back up. I envy you with your winter 5K goal right now!

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