Saturday December 28, 2013: Winterwandeling Zeist

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Time: 2 hours and 8 minutes.
Distance: 11.52 K / 7.2 miles
Weather: dry, later sunny, 9C (48 degrees).

Our last long walk of 2013. After a stormy Friday it was finally dry Saturday morning, we even got sunshine after about an hour of walking. This was a very pretty walk, lots of forest and different landscapes. It was very wet in the forest, my shoes were very dirty when I got home (and so was Bella) after all the rain we had the past days. I enjoyed this one very much, a good final for our walking year.

Enjoy our walk:

In case you are wondering: no one was living in this house, it is used as an office.

I loved this house, it was on a hill and looks like a house from a fairytale.

We had to go through this tunnel

Rest was at a sheep “cage” (schaapskooi in Dutch). I wasn’t allowed in though because Bella wasn’t allowed there.

Another pretty house in the forest with no other houses around




7 thoughts on “Saturday December 28, 2013: Winterwandeling Zeist

  1. That tunnel is neat and I like that narrow, one-side-rail bridge…looks like this walk was a bit of an obstacle adventure course! Also, it looks like there were quite a few people there…how many usually go on these walks?

  2. Merry Christmas, Fran! Just catching up on your last two posts. I really love all the pictures you take on your walks. It makes me want to take a walking vacation over there! And Bella looks like she totally loves your walks.

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