Saturday January 4, 2014: Oliebollenwandeling Apeldoorn

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Time: 2 hours and 10 minutes.
Distance: 10.81 K / 6.7 miles
Weather: dry, most of the time sunny, not much wind, 8C (46 degrees).

Our first organized walk of this year. This walk was in a town not too far from where I grew up and I had high hopes for the route. There is very much beautiful nature in this area. But I was disappointed. There were too many parts in residential areas and the forests we walked in were small. They did try to make the part of the walk in the residential areas fun and it was okay from time to time but I prefer to walk in nature when I do these walks. It’s not likely I will do this walk again in the future.

The start was in a little building and there were many people wanting to do this walk: I had to wait 15 minutes outside before I could get in and sign up. I have never experienced this before, it was a bit weird. Lots of people with dogs today too.

On every organized walk you can choose if you want a reminder or not. I never do that but decided I will do it this year for every walk I do. It’s not expensive, you pay around 1 dollar more for a reminder (that makes the fee around 3 dollars). And the reminder was fun this time: I got a medal.

Enjoy our walk:

8 thoughts on “Saturday January 4, 2014: Oliebollenwandeling Apeldoorn

  1. I love your country, you even get medals for walks!! This will be a cool thing for 2014 for you, and I think you need a special medal rack (perhaps customized with a woman and a dog silhouetted on it?) for all of your medals. P.S. Do you like how I think you should spend your money? ;)

    • LOL I don’t mind that you spend my money :) I shall look into that medal rack, I don’t think I can buy that here, I looked once for it when you bought one for Jeff and couldn’t find it.

  2. Bella always looks like she is saying “Come on, Mom, stop taking pictures and walk!”

    I would love to walk in your residential areas. I know it probably is boring to you, but I love looking at houses and neighborhoods in other countries. They are so different!

  3. Great walk through the town! If I went to your country I would get up early in the morning and go running through those neighborhoods.
    Those pictures are absolutely stunning! I always love looking your environs.

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