Tuesday January 7, 2014: Wish balloon

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We never buy fireworks for New Year’s Eve but I do have wish balloons for special occasions. But you can only light them when it’s dry and there’s not too much wind. It was raining on New Year’s Eve so we let it up in the sky on Saturday evening. R. forgot to make a wish but I didn’t. It went up in the air very high and we could see it for a long time high in the sky.

I had to go back to the hospital today for my results. As we say in Holland “niks, noppes, nada” meaning: nothing! This is good of course because it means I’m healthy. They could find absolutely nothing. We could do further research which would mean a day in the hospital for a bowel examination. But the doctor didn’t expect to find something then because nothing points in that direction. Since it’s a very unpleasant examination we agreed that I will take medication for the soft defecation and watch my food intake (meaning eat as healthy as possible). If my symptoms are still here after 2 or 3 months, we can always do the examination.

Am I disappointed? No, actually not. I was pretty certain the results would be negative again. I’ve come to peace with it. I’m not sick, I just have difficult bowel motion. It all points to an irritated bowel syndrome and there’s not much to do about it except eat healthy, exercise and get enough rest. For the moment I just leave it at this and hope the medication will help and it will get better. Apparently this is how my body works at this point in my life.


Sunday: Running

A perfect morning for a run: not too much wind and sunshine. I had to run 15 minutes twice and, it might sound weird, I knew I was going to make it. I had no doubt this time which I did have at other runs of this program. And I did make it. At the moment I’m slow but I don’t care. All that matters is getting to a 5K without walking, after that I can work on speed. It was a good run!

Distance: 4.5 K / 2.8 miles
Time: 00:33:15
Running: 15-15 minutes (2 minutes of walking)
Weather: dry, not too much wind, 5C (11 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Pet Shop Boys – Go West

Photo a day challenge:

January 3: My town.

January 4: Words To Live By.
I actually don’t have words to live by but when I saw these glasses in the store I knew they described me: I’m a calm person, positive and love life.

January 5: Found.
Found Pinocchio during Saturday’s walk

January 6: Happens Everyday.
Go for a walk with Bella.

January 7: Upside Down.
My friend T’s daughter was willing to help out on today’s prompt.


Saturday January 4

Lunch: Celeriac-leek soup.

Dinner: Steak tartare with sesame seed, stir-fried pak choi cabbage with mushrooms.

Sunday January 5

Beef stew with mashed pumpkin-parsley.

Monday January 6

Green bean fantasy: green beans, sweet potato, bacon, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, almonds and cinnamon.

Tuseday January 7


First cookbook I used this year. I made lemon-garlic-honey chicken that I baked in the oven. We had baked potatoes and carrots/green peas with it.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday January 7, 2014: Wish balloon

  1. I guess that it’s better to have no result than a nasty result for your medical tests. I was really hoping you’d get a result that could be easily fixed.

    The wish balloon looks spectacular against the black sky. It’s something I’ve seen done in a few Asian countries and I didn’t realise it was a Dutch practice too.

  2. Great news about your examination!
    On the running front, I am sure that your speed will increase slightly, step by step. Keep your health habits and enjoy your walks with Bella!
    I’m curious to try lemon-garlic-honey chicken!

  3. I’m really, really happy to know that your test came back negative! You know, I think if it really is “just” IBS you could do a lot of research on the internet about that and figure out what you need to do to keep things calm!

    I LOVE your wish balloon. In fact, I love it so much, I think I’m going to steal that idea for us. Not sure where I can find that but I could even use a regular balloon. Love it!

  4. I love the wish balloon! So pretty, and such a neat tradition! Thanks for sharing that one. :)

    I’m glad nothing is seriously wrong with you, and it sounds like you’ve come to a place of acceptance with the IBS and what you’re going to have to do to control it. Just about everyone has some health issue going on; choosing how to deal with it is a big part (to an extent; I realize there are monumental things that will rage out of control, unfortunately) in how it affects your quality of life.

    Oh – your running story made me smile – hurray for a strong, confident run!!!

  5. I am really glad nothing is seriously wrong, Fran, but I also feel bad that there was not a solution for you. You could try going completely gluten free just to see what happens. You never know.

    • Specialist didn’t think gluten free would make a difference. I could try it if I wanted it but eating completely gluten free isn’t all that easy, not to mention expensive. So for now I’m sticking to a healthy normal diet, exercise and the medication. Besides that I love me some bread every now and then. I keep it as an option if there’s no improvement.

  6. I love those glasses, and the fact that the green bean dish is called “green bean fantasy!”

    I know you probably already to this, but I know if I drink a ton of water, I am as regular as I can be. I got my co-worker drinking 100 ounces of water and she said “I haven’t crapped this much in ages!”


  7. I’m glad to hear the results of your tests, and that you are at peace with it.

    I love love love the pic of the houses and the boats! And love the glasses as well.

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