Friday January 10, 2014: Mishmash

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The medication I got worked within a day and I am already back to normal toilet visits. I can’t tell you how relieved I am. I’m taking 2 pills a day that I am cutting back to one within a few weeks. Eventually I will stop taking them and see what happens then. It can’t do no harm if I take them for the rest of my life but I hope my bowels will come to rest with this and function normally without medication in a few months. We’ll see.

No organized walk this weekend for us. There’s nothing close to home we can do. Instead we’re going for a walk in one of the forests close to home on Sunday. Still have to get my long walk in this week.

I’m having a hard time getting back into the early morning workout routine. This week wasn’t a success. It doesn’t help work is really busy at the moment and I also have to get used to that too after 2 weeks of vacation. But I’m sure I will be back at my normal routines next week.

Beebox content week 2:

Apple juice, pears, apples, eggs, smoked mackerel, leek, red onion, beets, carrots, soup vegetables, tomato soup, Chinese cabbage, beef meat, mushrooms, celeriac.


Wednesday: Strength training

Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum. Time: 30 minutes.
I recently bought a copy of this program and this was the first workout I did. All exercises were for the butt. No weights required, just body weight. Nice workout.

Update next day: it appears I still have muscles in my butt because I certainly feel them.

365 Days In Nature:

January 3.

January 4: Winterwalk Apeldoorn.

January 5: Another photo taken on Saturday’s walk.

January 6: Grey clouds just before it started raining on the warmest day in my country on January 6 since 1901.

January 7: I’m back at work which means I leave home when it’s dark and come home in the dark most of the times. Till I can walk daily in daylight again, I will post some weekend photo’s on weekdays. Today: one seagull had bread, the others wanted some of it too of course.

January 8: Another one from last Sunday.

January 9.

January 10: Beautiful clouds


Wednesday January 8


Risotto with green peas and Parmezan cheese: simple but delicious.

Thursday January 9

Mashed carrots/onions/potatoes with a meatball.

7 thoughts on “Friday January 10, 2014: Mishmash

  1. So happy the medicine is working and you are feeling better! Great news. :)

    I know I’ve said it before, but your countryside is so beautiful. The picture with the horse (wearing a coat, I love it!) just fills me with ahhhh – blue skies, green grass, tranquil water…so, so lovely.

    Enjoy your long walk with Miss Bella. I know she will, lol!

  2. I am glad the meds are working for you. Why weren’t you given these before?

    It’s so nice to see pictures where you can actually see the ground and not snow! :D

  3. Your nature photos are gorgeous as usual. I especially like the first one.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. I swear that if your intestines are unhappy it seems to affect everything.

  4. That’s the worst when you leave in the dark and come home in the dark – but our days are getting longer now!

    Love the picture of that giant tree! Happy Monday Fran!

  5. Oh, I’m so happy you were given a medicine that works!

    And, I did that for many years–going to work and coming home in the dark. I always looked forward to the longer days of spring and summer, when I would get to see just a bit of the countryside on my drive to work.

    Last, I’m with Shelley–soooo love your countryside pictures. You could make a picture book! My favorite is the one with the horse too–its a beautiful composition.

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