Sunday December 23, 2012: Merry Christmas

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I’m a bad blogger these days, not only don’t I post much, I am a bad commenter on blogs too. I promise I’ll change for the better but probably not till after the holidays are over.

R. and I both have a vacation now and we really needed it too. Our last vacation was in June. He has to start working on January 2nd and I a day later.

Last Friday I had a half day of work and at lunchtime the Christmas lunch at work started. We got a speech from our managing director first and as I had already expected (since I have access to all financial results): no Christmas bonus this year. I’m okay with that, I’d rather have a job at the end of next year than a Christmas bonus now.

The lunch itself was great, the food was fantastic and I did a lot of catching up with colleagues. I went home around 3.30 pm. We did get a Christmas box with lots of food in it and a DVD player with the complete Earth series by the BBC. Here are some pics of the afternoon:

Those of you who follow me on FB have seen this one. This is my new outfit I bought last week.

With 2 of my favorite guys at work


He’s such a sweet guy, he’s the one that lost his girlfriend in August.


We both didn’t get a Christmas bonus but we did save up money last year and we gave ourself a gift today: we bought an Ipad4 this afternoon. Right now R. is playing with it and if I’m lucky I can touch it too somewhere today. We have been talking about buying one for a couple of months now and our laptop is getting old and needed to be replaced by something else.


We’re spending Christmas at R.’s brother on Christmas day, the entire family will be there. The second day (Wednesday) we will go to my Mom. Since I don’t have to cook we’re having a modest Christmas dinner tonight. I am going to make 2 salads to take to R.’s brother and I’m making dessert for dinner at my Mom’s but other than that I’m going to have an easy Christmas as far as the cooking concerns.

I’m keeping it short today, no writing about my food, workouts (did 5 of them this week) or other stuff. It will come back, I promise.

I wish you all, my dear blogger friends, a happy Christmas surrounded by your loved ones. 

8 thoughts on “Sunday December 23, 2012: Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas, Fran! I love your outfit. I just bought and have worn my first pairs of skinny pants and I really like them. I’m on the lookout for some sequenced items too but haven’t bought anything yet.

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