Fran is a healthy girl but who is Fran?

Well she lives in theNetherlands, is 44 years old, is not married but lives together with her love and dog Bella. Before the year 2000 I had a little overweight, we’re talking4 kg(about8 lbs.) I followed the Weight Watchers from September till December 1999 and I’ve lost those kg’s. But then in May 2000 I’ve lost my dad to cancer and I’ve started eating which stopped when I weighted89 kg(196 lbs.) Over the past years I’ve tried to lose these kilo’s but not very successfully. I’m still trying to get to my goal weight by living healthy and exercise, mostly running. I ran my first 5K in June 2009, my first 10K in September 2010. I had a DNF on my first half marathon due to the heat.

Update May 2012

I still haven’t reached my goal weight but am okay with that: forget about getting skinny, eat well and exercise and the weight will take care of itself. I’m happy with how I look and with my life and I’m healthy. Life is too short to be focussed on getting thin all the time. I want to enjoy life to the fullest and a diet isn’t a part of that. Maybe I never get to my goal weight, maybe I do but it’s okay as long as I’m happy with who I am.


Update November 2012

Due to hackers constantly attacking my website, I have removed all posts from June 2009 till October 2012 and started with a clean blog. The blog will be about:

  • Living
  • Running and other exercise
  • Health
  • Cooking

About the running: in the past year I had a setback started with my DNF in April 2010 at the half marathon. That’s why I started from the beginning in November 2012 with training for a 5K.


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