Sunday June 23, 2013: Bruce Springsteen

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Didn’t feel like blogging much last week. I’ve had a bad run on Saturday the 22th, a great walk on Sudnay the 23th with Bella, a better run on Monday but at the end of the day my calves were very sore from Sunday’s walk.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had extreme hot days: 35C (95 degrees) and of course, as usual in my country, it was very humid. I had to adjust because my body can’t handle this very much. Luckily it’s cooled down now. I prefer temps around 20 to 25 C (68-77 degrees) but you can’t control the weather.

Yesterday we went to see an old friend of ours:

3 hours and 20 minutes of pure happiness. He played the entire Darkness on the Edge of Town album from first song to the last and, luckily for me, almost all of my favorite songs like “Thunder Road”, “The River”, “Bobby Jean” and many more.

The weather wasn’t that good, mostly drizzling rain but till the end it started to rain very hard. That really got him started. He shouted “it isn’t raining hard enough” and finished with “Twist and shout” and “The Twist”. It was definitely one of the best and most fun concert I’ve seen of him, despite the rain.

There were about 60,000 people but we were lucky that we could park our car close to the park after being in a traffic jam for about 2 hours. So after a 10 minute walk we were in our car and home in an hour.

While in the car we were listening to the radio and the DJ asked if people that had been to the concert and on their way home could call to tell about the concert. I never do something like that but I made the call and got through. The producer wrote down my number and said they might call me back. And they did! So there I was on the radio telling about how great the concert was. Too bad probably nobody heard it because it was around midnight LOL. So much for my 3 minutes of fame.


Long run Saturday

Running still isn’t easy. It’s clear to me that I need to keep running every week. If not, I immediately have a set back. I went out with the intention of doing 9K and walk every K. I ended up doing 8K, did walk every K but had to stop a couple of times to catch my breath. When I saw my splits I knew I had run too fast because my pace for long runs is 7:00-7:15 per K and I ran an average of 7:11 per K including walk breaks. Running slow is really hard and needs more practicing.

Positive: I did go and ran, weather was great for running and felt great afterwards.

Distance: 8 K / 5 miles
Time: 00:57:28
Speed per km: 8.35 km/hour (5.2 miles/hour)
Time per km: 07:11
Weather: dry, windy, 17C (62 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Gerry & The Pacemakers – You’ll never walk alone


Tuesday December 4, 2012: Mishmash

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Daily stuff:
Last week I heard that Bruce Springsteen was coming back to Hollandnext Summer for a concert and of course we want to go. Saturday ticket sale started at 10 am and I was ready at 9.55 am. At 10.01 am I had tickets for us. Later that day I read on FB that a lot of people had trouble buying tickets and had to wait for hours to be able to buy them. I considered myself lucky that I got them so fast. The concert is in a park on June 22nd next year.

This might be fun to watch for you: if you ever wonder where I live and how my village looks like, watch the video on youtube:

Yesterday a real life soap about a few people that live in my village started on Dutch television. I have seen some of the people sometimes but I don’t know them because I don’t participate active in the community. I wasn’t very impressed with the program either but R. likes it. The comment is in Dutch of course but it gives a view shots of where I live. The total video is only 52 seconds so it doesn’t take much of your time to watch it.


That akward moment when you are only a few minutes in your run and you feel like you have to go the bathroom. At first you keep on going and hope it will go away. But a few minutes later you know you have to get home asap if you don’t want to get in bigger trouble. This happened to me last Wednesday at my morning run.
With all my stomach problems, this was the first time I had to stop a run and go home because I had to go to the bathroom and I didn’t like it at all. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

This morning I did a Turbofire workout: HITT 25. I like the HITT workouts, they are intense but short. I had planned to do a 30 minute sculpt session after this but I overslept and didn’t have time to do it.
Total time: 25 minutes.


Today’s outfit



Monday dinner

Endive with mashed potatoes, bacon, onion, herb cheese and walnuts.

Tuesday dinner

A recipe I saw on a cooking show on the Dutch cooking channel: 24 Kitchen. Chicken with garlic, onion, spices, yogurt and herbs out of the oven, baked potatoes and mashed green peas with mint. I loved it, R. wasn’t that enthousiastic.

TV shows I watched last week

True Blood, The Walking Dead, The Kennedy’s, Mad Men, Private Practice, Downton Abbey, Once upon a time, Revenge, Rookie Blue, Game of Thrones.

Season 3 of Downton Abbey finally started here and I love this show. It’s easy going and I love the English aristocrat environment.

Movies I’ve seen last week

The Hangover part II

I liked part 1 better because of the surprise element but still this was a nice movie to watch on a relaxing Friday night.


A Dutch horror movie. We don’t have Santa Clause, we have Sinterklaas on December 5th. It’s the same principle: giving gifts. This movie was about bad Sinterklaas. This one was murdered in the 14th century and every December 5th when it is full moon his ghost came back to kill as many people as possible. It was scary sometimes and an okay movie, especially for a Dutch movie.