Tuesday April 15, 2014: First week of Weight Watchers

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My first week back at Weight Watchers is done. It was pretty easy to fill in everything because these days they have an app too and I always have access to my diary. I made my breakfast and lunches by using their recipes, for dinner I use my own recipes (except for Sunday evening). I have never been hungry. I did realize that before I started this I was actually eating much more than I thought and not always enough veggies.

Result: a loss of 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs). I don’t lose weight fast and this is a huge loss for me which makes me happy because it’s good for my spirit to lose the first week I start something.

I also signed up for WW @work. I’m doing this with a colleague of mine, he asked if I would come with him. Planning is that this starts in week 18 where we have a meeting once a week during lunch time.

Q&A from my last post:

Debby the white stuff in my Beebox last week was fresh goat cheese.


Saturday: Running

Beautiful morning for a run although this was a tough one. I took my first walk break after 4 songs on my Ipod which was 1 song more than on my last run but after that it went downwards fast. It will be better when I can run without walking again because often after a walk break it isn’t going that well.

You know what makes you run a little bit faster? A goose attack!
I was almost home and running on a bike path minding my own business. I saw this Canadian goose at my left and it was blowing at me, guess there was another one somewhere on a nest. I just kept running when it suddenly came running first and then fly after me. I had to keep my head down otherwise it would have hit me. I started running a bit faster but as quick as he tried to attack it was over after that too. Boy running or walking in breeding season can be dangerous, second time this week I was attacked LOL.

Distance: 4 K / 2.5 miles
Time: 00:29:11
Weather: dry, not much wind, 5C (41 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Take That – Shine.

Tuesday: Running

I think this was my best run this year so far. It was the fastest (well it’s an opinion of what you call fast). I took my first and only walk break after 21 minutes. That’s when it started to rain pretty hard too and when that happened all I wanted was to go home and running always is faster than walking. This was a good run that left me with a good feeling afterwards.

Distance: 4.2 K / 2.6 miles
Time: 00:29:56
Weather: dry, later rain, not much wind, 3C (37 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Fun – Some Nights

Photo a day challenge:

April 9: Dark.

April 10: My fave part of the day.
Coming home to my girl.

April 11: 3 of a kind.

April 12: On my left.
Had to stop my morning run when I saw this cuteness on my left.

April 13: More please!
Bella says: more sunny Sunday mornings please!

April 14: Dirty.
People should take their dirt home instead of dumping it in public.

April 15: I’m reading this.


Friday April 11

Lunch: salad with apricot and goat cheese with honey out of the oven (WW recipe).

Dinner: Cauliflower-potato curry. Made two portions so I could have this for dinner on Saturday evening too.

Saturday April 12

Lunch: Frittata with mushrooms and goat cheese (WW recipe), again a double portion for Sunday’s lunch.

Sunday April 13

Steak with stir-fried green vegetables with some rice (WW recipe).

Friday April 11, 2014: The Voice of Holland

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Or actually not! Remember I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I lost my voice? Well till today it still isn’t normal, my voice has been hoarse for weeks now. Stubborn as I am I kept hoping it would be normal in time but that never happened.

R., my boss and some other colleagues of mine kept insisting I should see my doctor about it and yesterday I finally did. She couldn’t see anything in my throat but suspects there’s something wrong with my vocal cords. Either I use my voice wrong or there is a polyp on my vocal cords.

I got a reference note for the specialist in the hospital where I have an appointment on April 22. He will use a camera then to look at my vocal cords and I will know immediately what the problem is. If I use my voice wrong I can solve that by going to speech therapy. If it’s a polyp that will mean surgery with no talking for a couple of days after the surgery.

Right now I’m not worried, I’ll wait what the specialist says. There’s plenty of time to worry then.

Anything fun to mention? Yes, tomorrow I’m going to a baby party where I am going to meet my friend K’s son that was born in February. She’s giving a baby party in a restaurant instead of having visitors over at her home. I think it’s smart because it can be very busy if you have visitors over every night and trying to adjust to your new life with a baby. I’ve seen some photo’s of him and he’s an adorable cute little boy.

Beebox week 15:


Thursday: Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit

This was a tough one, I couldn’t keep up with the speed of the exercises so in the end I did them on my own pace. There were some push ups in this workouts that I couldn’t do (just one instead of 4) because I still suck at push ups. Overall a good sweaty workout.
Total time: 41 minutes.

365 Days In Nature:

April 5: Taken on Saturday’s walk.

April 6: One more from Saturday’s walk.

April 7.

April 8: We call this little park close to home “Bella’s place” because in Spring and Summer we often go there on Sunday evening to play with her with the ball. She loves this place and know exactly what’s going to happen when we get there. I had to disappoint her tonight though because I wasn’t going there in the first place and didn’t bring a ball.

April 9: The sky today.

April 10.

April 11: When I saw this white goose, at first I didn’t notice there was another one on a nest behind him. We (my dog and I) found out about that when the male crossed the water and came after us. He wasn’t really scary  so I actually had to laugh about it. After a misattempt of scaring us he went back to the other side and just screamed at us there :)


Wednesday April 8

Taco’s filled with pork/red pepper/onion/taco sauce with a salsa of corn, lemon juice, spring onions, coriander. New recipe to which I added the taco sauce myself. Was tasty and a keeper.

Thursday April 9

Chipolata sausages, a Spanish potato dish (with pepper, green beans and chorizo sausage) with carrots/green peas.

Tuesday April 8, 2014: Back to Weight Watchers

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I have gone back to the Weight Watchers. Lately my I have been gaining a little every week and I’m getting close to my heaviest weight ever. I have to do something to get my weight under control.

For the past 2 weeks I’ve tried counting calories but that just isn’t working for me. After thinking a couple of days about it I decided to renew my subscription to Weight Watchers. In the past this has been the only program that has been working for me so it’s worth to give it a try.

I started yesterday and since the website has lots and lots of recipes I’m using that to my advantage. My plan is to make my breakfast and lunches (at least on weekdays) from WW recipes. For my dinner I use my own recipes and sometimes one of the WW.

The funny thing is that I joined this weekend and today I got a leaflet on my desk that they are offering a 13 week “Weight Watchers @work” program which is for free. There will be a coach at work every week during lunch break. I haven’t decided yet if I will join that too because I don’t really want to lose weight with people I see at work every day. A colleague (male) of mine is still thinking about it too and asked if we could go together if he would go. I might do that although I don’t think he will join.

For now I’m doing it on my own. I prepped my work lunches for this week Sunday evening. My breakfasts this week didn’t need much prepping, I can make them in the morning. So far (and yes it’s only 2 days LOL) it’s working, especially the fact that I just have to get my containers with my lunch out of the fridge in the morning, makes it so much easier.

I’m giving this whole weight loss thing one more last chance because I’m not happy in my body at this weight, not to mention the fact that a lot of my clothes are too tight at the moment. I’ll keep you updated in the next weeks how it goes.

Q&A from my last post:

Lori you asked if I know what bird is nesting in our birdhouse: it’s a great tit (that’s what google translation gave me). There are 2 of them and they are not around the entire day but parts of it and then they are busy making the nest.

Debby the swan on the nest was in the wild. This is the second one I’ve seen this season, the other one I saw in my village.


Monday: 30 Day Shred

Normally Monday is my rest day because I clean my house at night. But I switched that and took my rest day Sunday and did the cleaning Sunday morning. Today I did the workout that started my working out with DVD’s: the Shred. The first workout DVD I ever bought, I even did level 1 which was, of course, my first DVD workout too.
Total time: 27 minutes.

Tuesday: Running

Already a bit lighter at the end of my run, think I’ll be running in daylight by the end of this month. We have had lots of rain Monday evening and night but by the time I did my run it was dry. I don’t often have to run in the rain early in the morning which definitely is a pro. Not a fast but a good run with 2 walk breaks.

Distance: 3.2 K / 2 miles
Time: 00:23:37
Weather: dry, not much wind, 10C (50 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Paul McCartney – With a little luck

Photo a day challenge:

March 31: Faux.

April 1: Something purple.
Flower in my garden.

April 2: In my hand.
A leash with Bella on the other end of it.

April 3: Shapes.

April 4: Good together.

April 5: Not mine … hers!

April 6: A taste of Spring.

April 7: Where I’d rather be.
I am where I want to be. I like traveling from time to time but there’s no place where I’d rather be than at home with my little sweetheart.

April 8: Hobby.
I have always loved walking with Bella but the past year it has become more of a hobby when I started doing long walks in nature at the weekend.


Saturday April 5

Lunch: a big salad with cucumber, radish and grilled chicken that I spiced with a lemon-pepper and a honey-mustard dressing I made myself of olive oil, white vinegar, mustard and honey.

Dinner: Lasagna of rutabaga with minced meat. I didn’t use pasta instead I used the rutabaga. This was a delicious meal. I made two portions so I could eat it on Sunday for dinner too.

Monday April 6

Red curry with beef, pak choi and red pepper with yellow rice.

Tuesday April 7

Chicken breast with potatoes and green beans in a musterd sauce out of the oven. New recipe but not spectacular. Not going to make this dish again.

Friday April 4, 2014: New Birkenstocks

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Would you believe it if I told you that you can get sore from your Birkenstocks?
Well it’s true. We have had beautiful Spring weather the past couple of days. It was warm enough to not wear socks. When I am barefoot, I do my shorter walks on my Birkenstocks.

I did wear them last Tuesday on our walk and within 5 minutes I’ve got a terrible pain in both my calves. I kept on walking but had to stretch during the walk about 4 times and cut the walk short because I had so much pain.

I remembered I experienced this a little last year at the end of the Summer and knew I had to replace my Birkenstocks. I bought new ones online the next day and they came yesterday. I’ve already wore the new ones and it made such a difference. On the left the old one, on the right the new one (yes, I’ve bought exactly the same as I had).

The soreness lasted till yesterday. It was so bad I could barely walk and exercise wasn’t possible at all. Lesson learned: buy new shoes when they start to hurt!

I’m home alone this weekend. R. is at a motor exhibition in Italy with his brother. I don’t have many plans except for an organized 10K walk tomorrow morning.

Beebox week 14:

Eggs, pear/apple juice, apples, pears, cucumber, rutabaga, pak choi, leek, turnip, radish, red chard (salad), chipolata sausages, minced meat, beansprouts, red onion.


Tuesday: Running

Because of daylight savings last weekend where we moved the clock an hour forward it was dark again during my run but in a week of 2 it will be lighter again. It was a good run, I had 2 walk breaks but overall everything went well.

Distance: 3.2 K / 2 miles
Time: 00:23:23
Weather: dry, not much wind, 8C (46 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Glee Cast – Animal

365 Days In Nature:

March 29: Bella working on her tan.

March 30.

March 31.

April 1: we got a bird nesting in the birdhouse we recently bought, so cool!

April 2: The first baby ducks I’ve seen this season.

April 3: I’m so tired.

April 4: Swans breeding.


Sunday March 30

Jerusalem artichoke-carrot soup with a topping of mushrooms -> delicious.

Monday March 31

Salad with Jerusalem artichoke and bacon -> delicious.

Wednesday April 2

Minced meat with onions, green beans, mashed potatoes.

Thursday April 3

I had a dentist appointment to fill a hole in my teeth. Not sure how much it would hurt afterwards so I ate a potato-Jerusalem artichoke soup from the freezer. It turned out I didn’t have pain afterwards.

Friday April 4

Whole wheat pasta with turnip, sausage, a little bit of crème fraiche and some Parmezan cheese.

Friday March 28, 2014: Just saying …

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Just saying … the Netherlands is the place to be

President Obama at the Rijksmuseum in front of the “Nachtwacht” by Rembrandt

The President of Japan visiting the Anne Frank house

The president of China with his wife visiting the “Keukenhof”

Beyonce and Jay-Z with their daughter on a bike ride through Amsterdam

All of this happened this week. So if you have some savings left and want a great country to visit: come to mine. I’ll be happy to show you around. We are very proud of all the great press we had this week. It’s good for our country and for tourism which is good for the economy.

Beebox week 13:

Eggs, apple juice, apples, blue turnips, roastbeef, yellow beets, carrots, mushrooms, pears, spinach, steak tartare, cress, red onion.

Because we were away for the weekend, I didn’t have a Beebox last week. You can skip boxes if you are on vacation or for other reasons.


Tuesday: Running

And another has passed since my last run. I really need to get back to 3 times a week because with once a week I’m not making progress. This was a short run but pretty good although slow.

Distance: 3 K / 1.9 miles
Time: 00:22:35
Weather: dry, not much wind, -2C (28 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Michael Jackson – Dirty Diana

Wednesday: P90X3 Synergistics

First time I did a P90X3 workout, where the original and P90X2 have workouts for about an hour, this one has only 30 minute workouts which is actually my most favourite length for a morning workout. This was all strength and I couldn’t do all the exercises but I tried my best.
Total time: 31 minutes.

Thursday: Focus T25 Alpha Speed 1.0

Second workout from this program and I like it a lot. This one had cardio exercises followed by a stretch exercise. This gave me the opportunity to catch my breath. The last 10 minutes all the cardio exercises were repeated in a sequel. I had to do the modified exercises sometimes (I can’t do a speed burpee) but most of the time I could keep up with the “normal” exercise.
Total time: 27 minutes.

365 Days In Nature:

March 21: Donkey’s (or is it mules?)

March 22: Sunset Saturday evening.

March 23: Sunday’s walk.

March 24: Saw my first black swan ever, very special.

March 25: A heron.

March 26: Swan.

March 27: Took this a couple of days ago because yesterday was very busy and I didn’t even have time to get a decent walk in.

March 28: The gardener came last week and now my garden is ready for Spring.


Monday March 24

Oven dish of minced meat, red cabbage and mashed potatoes.

Tuesday March 25

Enchiladas with chicken, zucchini, red pepper and tomatoes.

Wednesday March 26

A burger, baked potatoes, carrots with green peas.

Thursday March 27

Spaghetti Carbonara

Tuesday March 11, 2014: Spring!

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Spring! Boy oh boy did we have great weather past weekend. It was Spring, spring, spring. On Sunday we came close to 20C (68 degrees) with sunshine all day on Saturday and Sunday. You get so much energy from this weather. Loved it!

We are going to the theater tomorrow evening for an unplugged concert of The Golden Earring. A Dutch band that you might know (Roz I know you do) from Radar Love. They had a hit with that song in the US. It’s been a while since we’ve been to the theater and I look forward to it.

Q&A on my last post(s):

Helen asked me what my grandfather’s name was. I have never met my grandfather. He was killed because he was hit by a car when my mother was 18. That was in 1960 and I am born in 1968. My full name is Janna Franciska. My grandfather’s name was Jan Frank.

Biz didn’t know what chicory is. The translation gave this word for this vegetable but maybe you name it different?

Char asked on my last post if the wild boars in the photo were sculptures.
They were made of wood and it looks like they were for kids to play on.

Debby: the red brick building was built in the water and it’s a castle. The sign outside that upstairs is used as an office and downstairs you could take a tour if it was open (it wasn’t) and that they decorated it in the style of the time when it was used as a house.

And the mill near the house was a watermill indeed. I don’t know if it’s still in use. It was also closed so I couldn’t look inside.

Beebox week 10:

Eggs, apple juice, apples, smoked catfish, celeriac, red and white cabbage, carrots, pears, leek, minced meat, shallots, onions, purslane, carrotparsley.


Wednesday: Chalean Extreme

Full body weights workout but mostly concentrated on biceps and triceps.
Total time: 44 minutes.

Thursday: Yogalates

For Dynamic Weight Loss, upper body.
Total time: 27 minutes.

Sunday: Running

Another 5K and again a walk break after every 2 songs. I had plans to walk after every 3 songs but I wasn’t feeling all that well. Because the weather was beautiful I did go (if it was raining I probably would have skipped the run) but it was a tough one. But in the end I was a bit faster than last run.

Distance: 5 K / 3.1 miles
Time: 00:36:13
Weather: dry, sunny, not much wind, 8C (46 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Paul McCartney – Listen what the men said

365 Days In Nature:

March 3: A couple of ducks and a dog.

March 4: One more because I just can’t get enough of Spring flowers.

March 5: It’s a beautiful day
The sun is shining
I feel good
And no-one’s gonna to stop me now, oh yeah

From Queen. So happy, Spring weather is coming our way this weekend!

March 6.

March 7.

March 8: Taken on our walk this Saturday.

March 9.

March 10: Another one taken last Saturday.

March 11: Still a bit light out now when I walk my dog after dinner.


Monday March 10

A salad of the red and white cabbage with purslane and the smoked catfish. Recipe from the Beebox. I wasn’t too fond of this dish but that’s because I am not a huge fan of smoked fish. But since it was in the box I used it.

Tuesday March 11

Merquez sausages, baked potatoes, roasted celeriac and carrotparsley.

Tuesday March 4, 2014: I finally did it, I ran 5K

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Sunday R. and I went out for dinner with a Groupon deal 2 for the price of 1. We have been at this restaurant before. The food is great but the interior is great too. Part of the restaurant is like a library and we are always lucky to get a seat at one of the tables in that part of the restaurant.

Voice is still not good. I think it’s some kind of virus on my vocal cords. My lung capacity isn’t very well either. Lori, I know you are worried but don’t be, I’m just waiting another week to see if it gets better. I promise I will see a doctor next week if it’s still the same.


Tuesday: Running

I did it! I ran 5K today.

It didn’t matter I walked for a minute after every 2 songs. It didn’t matter I have a lower lung capacity at the moment. I didn’t matter it was the slowest 5K I have ever ran.

What matters is that I did it!

From here on I can work towards running without walking and getting slower. But after such a crappy year, just doing a 5K was a big achievement today.

Distance: 5.1 K / 3.1 miles
Time: 00:38:43
Weather: dry, not too much wind, 2C (35 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama.

Photo a day challenge:

As of the first of this month I’m also posting my photo a day on my Facebook page. So you might have seen them already but since not all my blog readers are FB friends, I am still posting it here too.

February 26: Light.
Taken July last year.

February 27: My view today.
Pretty boring because I was at work.

February 28: Reflection.

March 1: Yellow.
Of course this had to be Spring flowers.

March 2: Something borrowed.
I don’t borrow things so I use a very free interpretation of this prompt. I borrowed this little guy’s permission to take his photo.

March 3: My name is …. Franciska.
Female for “Franciscus” meaning Frenchman; coming from the holy Franciscus from Assisi. His birth name was Giovanni but after his father took a business trip to France, he started calling him Franciscus. So my name means “French girl”. The photo is the cathedral of Assisi that we visited in 2009 and where the holy Franciscus is laid to rest.

It’s funny that I never knew this after I looked up for today’s prompt what my name means. Of course it’s not why my parents gave me this name, I was named after my grandfather.

March 4: On my mind.
Thinking about articles today  for the next issue of our intercompany magazine of which I am the editor.


Sunday March 2

Carpaccio, followed by something with goat cheese, steak with stroganoff and crème brulee for dessert.


Monday March 3

T-bone steak, baked potatoes, grilled zucchini.

Tuesday March 4

Oven dish of chicory, mashed potatoes, ham and cheese.

Sunday March 2, 2014: Weekend update

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Update on the voice: almost back to normal. There were a lot of people I spoke (if that was possible) that had lost their voice, looks like some kind of virus that went around.

There was a walk I could have done on Saturday but I didn’t go. There will be many walks in March, April en May so skipping one isn’t that bad. Instead Bella and I took a walk outside the town for 1.5 hours, the weather was very pretty for walking.

When I got home I worked in the garden for an hour, made a start to get the garden ready for Spring. We will hire a gardener in the upcoming weeks to prune the trees and bushes. But the cleaning up I can do myself. I only did 1/3 of the garden, which will be my “strategy” for gardening this year. Doing it all at once takes a lot of time so I will try to work in it for an hour every week or so.

We’re going out for dinner tonight. Scored a groupon for a 4 course dinner, 2 for the price of 1, in a restaurant we’ve been to a couple of times before now and it’s always good there. We get to choose from 2 options for every course but everything looks good so that won’t be a problem.

Beebox week 9:

Eggs, apples, green pumpkin, pear/apple juice, pears, radish, rib-eye steak, arugula, shiitake mushrooms, onion, chicory.


Thursday: The Firm Cardio Dance Workout

Hot Latin Mix: dance workout with latin/salsa moves and music. Nice short workout.
Total time: 20 minutes.

Friday: Running

This was a horrible run! I hadn’t run in 10 days and again I was reminded I need to run regularly otherwise I take a few steps back every time. Hopefully I will remind it next time when I don’t want to run. The first 15 minutes were fine, I ran without walking. After that it went downwards very quickly. At some point I just ran or walked when I needed too without checking my watch. I just wanted it to be over. Well, they can’t all be good runs. Positive note: I did go and tried.

365 Days In Nature:

February 22: Spring is coming …

February 23: Wild boars we saw during our walk on Sunday.

February 24: Crows playing soccer J

February 25: Taken last Sunday on our walk.

February 26

February 27: Cows taking a swim (taken last Summer).

February 28

March 1: Chickens

March 2: It’s a beautiful day today.


Wednesday February 26

Jambalaya without fish but with chicken and chorizo. I’ve made enough so I can eat the leftovers on Friday.

Saturday February 22

Arugula with bacon, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes and a dressing of Balsamico with olive oil.


Tuesday February 25, 2014: Where is my voice?

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Can I brag one more time? Yesterday our Olympic athletes arrived home, 25 medals we have won, never have we been better at the Olympics. Everyone is so proud of them. When they arrived yesterday, they were honored immediately. Today they went to see the prime minister and the minister of sports and health. The gold medal winners all got one of the highest decorations in our country, so did 2 of the coaches. After that they visited our King and Queen. Most of them will be honored tomorrow in the town where they live and most of them will have a tournament already next Friday.

Back to the title: I have lost my voice for almost 2 weeks now. It’s weird because I don’t have a sore throath or do I have a cold, it’s just my voice. It’s also annoying because the more I talk, the worse it gets and when people hear my voice, they all ask what’s the matter with it. After 2 weeks I’m really tired of explaining what it is. I sure hope I get my normal voice back soon because it’s really annoying me by now.

Photo a day challenge:

February 19: Feet.
No way I’m going to show my ugly running/walking feet. Instead this is one of Bella’s feet.

February 20: Peace …
during a walk on a beautiful early Sunday morning (taken last Summer).

February 21: Funny …
shaped tree.

February 22: An act of kindness.
Shelley knitted this hat for me as a surprise gift. I was touched by it when I received it in November, especially about the time she put into it.

February 23: This is where I relax.
Well we both do …

February 24: Half.
Trees cut in half waiting to be transported.

February 25: Cut.
Vegetables for soup.


Friday February 21

Potato-Jerusalem artichoke soup: delicious!

Saturday February 22

Flower sprout marinated in honey and olive oil with bacon and pear -> delicious!

Sunday February 23

Entrecote with mangochutney, roasted parsnip.

Monday February 24

“Zürcher geschnetzeltes” (pork, mushrooms, onion, cream), baked potatoes and the last of the flower sprout.

Tuesday February 25


I made little pies filled with minced meat and parsnip. I had plans to eat a salad with it but we had more than enough and weren’t very hungry so we both ate 2 of these for dinner.

Thursday February 13, 2014: Weekend!

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It’s amazing how many medals our Dutch skaters are winning at the Olympics. We already have won more medals than ever before and it isn’t over yet. They are really great athletes, all of them.

My weekend has started. Tomorrow my friend T. is coming over for her birthday dinner. As you might remember: we cook for each other as a birthday gift.

Saturday morning I have a 10K walk planned in a town that’s a 15 minute drive from here. Right now the forecast is that it will be dry in the morning so if it stays that way we will go.

I’m waiting for a message from K. Her little baby boy should have been born already but I guess he’s comfortable in his mommy’s belly. But it should happen any day now.


Thursday: Jillan Michaels Killers Buns & Thighs, level 1

Workout for the buns & thighs, 30 minutes (without the warm up and stretching) of 3 circuits, every move in a circuit was repeated. I could keep up with the exercises although I did the beginner version if that was available. Good workout.
Total time: 40 minutes.

365 Days In Nature:

February 8

February 9: Wanted to find some color on a cold, cloudy, windy day and I did.

February 10: I’ve been looking for flowers/color again today and found these, actually pretty close to home too.

February 11: This is what happens if you bring some bread at your walk :)

February 12: Sheep.

February 13: Bought 2 azalea’s last weekend to bring some colour in my living room.


Wednesday February 12


Noodles with pork, vegetables and Chinese herbs.

Thursday February 13

Sauerkraut with mashed potatoes and sausage (forgot to take a photo).