Friday April 11, 2014: The Voice of Holland

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Or actually not! Remember I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I lost my voice? Well till today it still isn’t normal, my voice has been hoarse for weeks now. Stubborn as I am I kept hoping it would be normal in time but that never happened.

R., my boss and some other colleagues of mine kept insisting I should see my doctor about it and yesterday I finally did. She couldn’t see anything in my throat but suspects there’s something wrong with my vocal cords. Either I use my voice wrong or there is a polyp on my vocal cords.

I got a reference note for the specialist in the hospital where I have an appointment on April 22. He will use a camera then to look at my vocal cords and I will know immediately what the problem is. If I use my voice wrong I can solve that by going to speech therapy. If it’s a polyp that will mean surgery with no talking for a couple of days after the surgery.

Right now I’m not worried, I’ll wait what the specialist says. There’s plenty of time to worry then.

Anything fun to mention? Yes, tomorrow I’m going to a baby party where I am going to meet my friend K’s son that was born in February. She’s giving a baby party in a restaurant instead of having visitors over at her home. I think it’s smart because it can be very busy if you have visitors over every night and trying to adjust to your new life with a baby. I’ve seen some photo’s of him and he’s an adorable cute little boy.

Beebox week 15:


Thursday: Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit

This was a tough one, I couldn’t keep up with the speed of the exercises so in the end I did them on my own pace. There were some push ups in this workouts that I couldn’t do (just one instead of 4) because I still suck at push ups. Overall a good sweaty workout.
Total time: 41 minutes.

365 Days In Nature:

April 5: Taken on Saturday’s walk.

April 6: One more from Saturday’s walk.

April 7.

April 8: We call this little park close to home “Bella’s place” because in Spring and Summer we often go there on Sunday evening to play with her with the ball. She loves this place and know exactly what’s going to happen when we get there. I had to disappoint her tonight though because I wasn’t going there in the first place and didn’t bring a ball.

April 9: The sky today.

April 10.

April 11: When I saw this white goose, at first I didn’t notice there was another one on a nest behind him. We (my dog and I) found out about that when the male crossed the water and came after us. He wasn’t really scary  so I actually had to laugh about it. After a misattempt of scaring us he went back to the other side and just screamed at us there :)


Wednesday April 8

Taco’s filled with pork/red pepper/onion/taco sauce with a salsa of corn, lemon juice, spring onions, coriander. New recipe to which I added the taco sauce myself. Was tasty and a keeper.

Thursday April 9

Chipolata sausages, a Spanish potato dish (with pepper, green beans and chorizo sausage) with carrots/green peas.

Friday October 4, 2013: Let’s name this team

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Some of you suggested Bella and I should get a team name. Suggestions were:

Team Fella
Team Bran
Team FranBella
Team BellFran
Team FAB-W (Fran and Bella Walking)

I like this idea (why didn’t I think of it LOL). I have a favorite but I let you choose the name or give a new suggestion. The name with the most votes will be our team name.

Work was very busy yesterday and today (we had 4 sessions for our suppliers) and I had to be at work early. But I also didn’t want to skip another run. So instead of not going yesterday (what I usually do if I have to be at work early) I choose to do the run but make it a bit shorter. I was very pleased with myself that I made this choice. I have to admit that I didn’t workout this morning and choose to sleep in.

Weekend plans: pretty easy weekend ahead. Plan is to run tomorrow and do some household chores after that. Catch up on some TV shows in the afternoon. Sunday morning I have another organized walk planned. Haven’t decided on the distance yet: 5K or 10K because R. said he might want to come with us. He can’t do a 10K due to a foot accident couple of years ago. If he’s going with us we will do a 5K. If it’s just Bella and me, I will decide on Sunday morning what it will be.

Beebox content week 40:

Pumpkin, cauliflower, coriander, cucumber, apple juice, prumes, celeriac, leek, carrot, carrotparsley, pears, spelt bread.

This is going to be an interesting week. I never heard of carrotparsley (will post a photo when I use it, don’t think this is the right translation but the dictionary didn’t know the word), had to google it and it turns out I never had this. It also has been years since I used cauliflower and I don’t use celeriac that often.


Sunday: Running

Because I don’t like running in the dark all that much, I switched one run from a weekday to Sunday in the week I have Friday off. This way I run 1 run extra in daylight. Because of my cold I’m a bit behind on schedule but since 2 weeks were exactly the same, I skipped 2 runs and move on with my schedule. The weather today was perfect for running although there was a brutal wind. My last running interval was slower because I had to run against the wind. But it was a good run!

Distance: 4.6 K / 2.8 miles
Time: 00:33:05
Running: 2-4-5-6-7 minutes.
Paces: 6:15 – 6:21 – 6:30 – 6:35 – 6:40
Weather: dry, sunny, windy, 9C (48 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Spencer Davis Group – Gimme some lovin’

Insanity Tuesday

Insanity Core Cardio & Balance, 37 minutes.
First time I did this workout and I could keep up with all the exercises except for the push ups (I suck at those) and the moving planks. But aside from that it was a good workout.

Tuesday: Running

New week with longer running intervals. I tried to stick to a pace of 6:40/km which worked for 50%. I felt good and it was a good run, not much to tell about it.

Distance: 4.6 K / 2.8 miles
Time: 00:32:55
Running: 5-6-7-8 minutes.
Paces: 6:49 – 6:41 – 6:38 – 6:33
Weather: dry, not to much wind, 7C (44 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Shaggy – It wasn’t me

Thursday: Running

I had to do 4 x 8 minutes but because of time (see above) I did 3 x 8 minutes. This was my best run since I started this running schedule. It was a good run too.

Distance: 4.1 K / 2.5 miles
Time: 00:27:53
Running: 3 x 8 minutes.
Paces: 6:34 – 6:25 – 6:29
Weather: dry, not to much wind, 9C (48 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Beegees – You win again


Saturday September 28

Lunch: bread and mushrooms from the beebox, I baked the mushrooms with some garlic, then put some mozzarella cheese on top of it and let the cheese melt in the oven.

Dinner was a yellow pepper stuffed with meat, rice and herbs that I baked in the oven for about 45 minutes. Have made this recipe before and still tasted good.

Sunday September 29

I made a pasta dish. I have made it a couple of years ago and made it again on Sunday. I used the broccoli and yellow pepper from the Beebox and added zucchini from the Beebox which wasn’t in the recipe originally. I baked it for 20 minutes in the oven till the cheese was melted. Very tasty!

Monday September 30

A cordon blue (pork filled with ham and cheese) with from the Beebox potatoes and salad.

Tuesday  October 1

Used the chicory and potatoes from the Beebox. I smashed the cooked potatoes with some herbal cheese and cooked the chickory. Put it all in an oven dish with ham and cheese on top and cooked it in the oven. I have made this one before and it’s still delicious.

Wednesday October 2

Pork with the last mushrooms from the Beebox, baked potatoes and grilled zucchini (also from the Beebox).

Friday June 14, 2013: Walking plans

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I don’t have much to say this week, it’s just a normal week where nothing much happens. The weekend should be fun because Sunday morning Bella and I are going to do a walking event again. This time we are going for 10K. Of course I’m going to take pictures of the walk and share it with you.

Sunday evening I have a dinner date with R. We have another Groupon deal for a 5 course dinner.

This walking thing with Bella has got me interested and I looked more into this. There are a couple of long distance walking paths through Holland and there are paths that are called region trails. I found 3 that I find interesting and I ordered the books with the routes. You can’t do a path in one day because the total length varies from 160K (100 miles) to 400K (250 miles) but you can do a part of it every time. Daily routes are 10K to 25K (but I think you can break them up too). I want to do 1 trail every month or so and switch between the 3 routes. Of course if I do this I will make lots of pictures which gives you more impressions of my country. But first we are going to do next Sunday’s walk.

Here are some pics of our walks from Monday till Thursday. Have a great weekend!


Strength Monday

Chalean Extreme Push Circuit 2, 35 minutes. Trained mostly arms and legs today. Every exercise was done 8 times at a very slow lifting pace. Tough one!

Cardio Wednesday

Insanity Pure Cardio & Cardio ABS, 57 minutes. Insanity is tough! I can’t keep up with the pace (yet) so I do the exercises in my own pace. I do like the program though, it gives a good sweat. I skipped the warm up for the ABS workout because at that point I was still warm and sweaty. Great workout!

You might wonder what happened to my running. Well once again I am having a hard time to get motivated to run. But I’m going to suck it up and just go tomorrow for a long run. 


Monday June 10


Three recipes from this book: pork chops with pesto (also made myself), grilled green asparagus with olive oil and sea salt. We had baked potatoes with it. Delicious meal.

Tuesday June 11


The pics of the next 3 meals are not sharp. Need to work on that. Sorry.

A stew of chicken with mushrooms, bacon, leek and garlic cooked in wine and bouillon and some cream. We ate basmati rice as a side dish. This was a new recipe and it was delicious.

Wednesday June 12


Burrito’s with beef, chorizo, yellow pepper, onion and tomatoes with a topping of sour cream and guacamole.


Thursday June 13


First recipe of this book and a classic: spaghetti carbonara.

Because there are so many recipes in this book, I am going to try to make at least 1 recipe every week from this book. That’s no punishment for us because we love Italian food.


Wednesday April 17, 2013: Mishmash

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Finally the perfect weather on Sunday: 21 C (69 degrees). That meant flip flops, t-shirt instead of longsleeve and this:


@Shelley: the butter cake we ate as pastry with coffee. No fruits, cream or ice cream is added. Come on over and I’ll make it for you and anyone else who wants to try it.

Next Friday evening we are going to the theatre to see and listen to Boudewijn de Groot. He’s a Dutch singer/songwriter and has made beautiful songs over the years. This will be his last tour and our last opportunity to see him live.

Going to watch the interview tonight with our King and Queen to be: Willem-Alexander and Maxima. Our block in the street is ready for the abdication/Queen’s Day. R. put up flags and lights with our neighbours last night. The lights are on at night which gives a nice view.



Strength Monday

Insanity Cardio Recovery. First time I did this workout and I thought it would be a cardio workout but it turned out to be a strength/stretch workout which was perfect although the squads and lunges were felt later in the day. Total time: 32 minutes.

Tempo Tuesday

The tempo run that wasn’t. Shaun T. kicked my legs on Monday’s workout and I was extremely sore, it’s been a long time since that happened. Instead of the planned 30 minutes, I only ran 17 because my legs couldn’t move forward. I took a rest day today because I have another run planned tomorrow and running is my priority the next 6 months.


Distance: 2.5 K / 1.5 miles
Time: 00:17:13

Speed per km: 8.71 km/hour (5.4 miles/hour)

Time per km: 06:53
Weather: dry, little bit of wind, 9C (48 degrees)

Last song on Ipod before finish: Glee Cast – Run Joey Run



 New recipe: steak tartare spice with sea salt and chili pepper and rolled through pistache nuts. After the steak was finished I added some ginger and garlic and put in some mango to heat up. It was delicious. We had baked potatoes and a salad with it.


Chili con carne with a topping of tortilla chips and cheese.




 New recipe by Jamie: spicy Cajun chicken with mashed sweet potatoes with sweet chili sauce. Side dish was a salsa of corn, spring onions, tomatoes and coriander. Jum jum!

Movies I’ve seen lately

The Descendants

This movie has been on my recorder for a while now and I finally watched it. I liked it, no action just a good story. It does help that I love George Clooney and almost every movie he is in.

Tuesday January 8, 2013: WW update

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Daily stuff:

A day in my life: Monday

5.15 am: Get up
5.30 am: Insanity workout
6.15 am: Shower, get dressed, make lunch, eat breakfast.
7.15 am: Leave for work
7.45 am: Arrive at work
4.15 pm: Leave work
4.30 pm: Home, change and clean bathroom and dust and vacuum 3 bedrooms.
6.00 pm: Cook
6.30 pm: Dinner
7.00 pm: Walk with Bella
7.45 pm: Finally …. me time
10.15 pm: Bed time

Monday is my busiest day. How was your day today?


I did my first full Insanity workout yesterday morning and boy that’s a tough one. I couldn’t keep up but luckily for me, it was said often enough: go at your own pace. I did the best I could and had a good workout. Although it was hard, I did like the workout.
Total time: 39 minutes.

This morning I was supposed to run and I did go out but ende up doing a walk around the block. I just didn’t want to run. But … I felt bad about it all day and it influenced my mood which always happens when I skip a workout. Need to remember that next time I don’t want to workout. On top of that when I got home I pulled off my hat without realizing my head was still on it. Result: head lamp on the floor and broken. I already ordered a new one online that’s coming tomorrow because I need it Thursday. It wasn’t a very good day today.



Breakfast (6 points): low fat yoghurt with a banana and muesli.


Lunch (9 points) was 3 slices of whole wheat bread with lean pork, salad and a little bit of mustard with mayonnaise. I bought a glass of milk at work.


Dinner (7 points): Cod fish with a tablespoon olive oil and cherry tomatoes out of the oven, potatoes and salad with honey-mustard dressing.


Breakfast (6 points): 2 slices of whole wheat bread with ham, an orange.


Lunch (10 points): 3 slices of whole wheat bread with cheese, cucumber and tomato. I bought a class of milk at work.

Dinner (9 points): chicken breast, baked potatoes, grilled zucchini.

Weight Watchers review:

First week WW done. I started tracking on Wednesday 2nd. The first 3 days were hard. I was hungry all the time, not because I didn’t eat enough but because I ate what I could eat instead of eating more than I should which I had done the past months.

Friday night I was feeling terrible and instead of cooking I gave in to some fast food that I did track. Usually that’s a point where I say “okay all is lost now, why bother” but I did continue. Saturday morning I felt so much better and since then I’m doing fine.

The next 4 weeks I will eat mostly WW recipes to hopefully get some weight loss (I’m a slow weight loser). In February I will add recipes from my cook books again that I will enter in the food database at the WW website to calculate the points.

I bought 2 books. The first one is a book for “starters” and has 4 weeks of meal plans in it. I will use most of the suggestions the next 4 weeks. If I don’t like something I replace it with a different WW recipe. The other one is a book with 365 meal plans. I will use that book as much as possible too after the first 4 weeks.