Wednesday April 17, 2013: Mishmash

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Finally the perfect weather on Sunday: 21 C (69 degrees). That meant flip flops, t-shirt instead of longsleeve and this:


@Shelley: the butter cake we ate as pastry with coffee. No fruits, cream or ice cream is added. Come on over and I’ll make it for you and anyone else who wants to try it.

Next Friday evening we are going to the theatre to see and listen to Boudewijn de Groot. He’s a Dutch singer/songwriter and has made beautiful songs over the years. This will be his last tour and our last opportunity to see him live.

Going to watch the interview tonight with our King and Queen to be: Willem-Alexander and Maxima. Our block in the street is ready for the abdication/Queen’s Day. R. put up flags and lights with our neighbours last night. The lights are on at night which gives a nice view.



Strength Monday

Insanity Cardio Recovery. First time I did this workout and I thought it would be a cardio workout but it turned out to be a strength/stretch workout which was perfect although the squads and lunges were felt later in the day. Total time: 32 minutes.

Tempo Tuesday

The tempo run that wasn’t. Shaun T. kicked my legs on Monday’s workout and I was extremely sore, it’s been a long time since that happened. Instead of the planned 30 minutes, I only ran 17 because my legs couldn’t move forward. I took a rest day today because I have another run planned tomorrow and running is my priority the next 6 months.


Distance: 2.5 K / 1.5 miles
Time: 00:17:13

Speed per km: 8.71 km/hour (5.4 miles/hour)

Time per km: 06:53
Weather: dry, little bit of wind, 9C (48 degrees)

Last song on Ipod before finish: Glee Cast – Run Joey Run



 New recipe: steak tartare spice with sea salt and chili pepper and rolled through pistache nuts. After the steak was finished I added some ginger and garlic and put in some mango to heat up. It was delicious. We had baked potatoes and a salad with it.


Chili con carne with a topping of tortilla chips and cheese.




 New recipe by Jamie: spicy Cajun chicken with mashed sweet potatoes with sweet chili sauce. Side dish was a salsa of corn, spring onions, tomatoes and coriander. Jum jum!

Movies I’ve seen lately

The Descendants

This movie has been on my recorder for a while now and I finally watched it. I liked it, no action just a good story. It does help that I love George Clooney and almost every movie he is in.

Friday March 26, 2013: Mishmash

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A couple of weeks ago we did a photo shoot together. I had a Groupon deal for the shoot itself, turned out that ordering the photos (especially the digital ones) was pretty expensive. Besides that we weren’t very much impressed with the photos. We picked out the best photo of us together, of me alone and of R. alone. The one of us together will be a gift for both our Moms too.

You might wonder why you haven’t heard me about Weight Watchers the past couple of weeks. Well that’s because I quit WW (again). I had a subscription for 3 months and needed to renew it. The past couple of weeks I hardly kept track of my Points. I’ve noticed I eat better/healthier when I don’t have the “pressure” to keep track of Points. When I count I somehow want to eat more (and do that too) because it feels I can’t have it and that’s when I want it.

Another reason that made me decide to quit is that I missed cooking from my own recipes/cook books. I felt I had to eat WW recipes and haven’t used much of my own recipes the last 2 months. I don’t have about 100 cook books to keep them on the book shelves and do nothing with them.

What does this mean? Well I’m not giving up on trying to lose the weight but I quit following a diet or a food plan or count calories. This time I’m really done with it. I just want to eat healthy 90% of the time and do my workouts. If that means I lose weight slowly or maybe not at all: so be it. I’m almost 45 and for the past 13 years I’ve been on diets on and off and I’m done with it and it isn’t working for me (anymore). I just want to live my life without thinking about calories, it makes me cranky.

I won’t be talking about weight loss anymore on this blog. I might post my weight every now and then but that’s it. I will be focussing on living as healthy as I can and exercise.

I have a long Eastern weekend. Today is my day off and in Holland we don’t work on Eastern Monday. This means a 4 day weekend: woohoo! Still no sign of Spring weather however but it has to come here someday, we just have to be patience.


I had a run scheduled this morning and I didn’t really want to go. I had to convince myself to go and in the end I did and it was a good run. Glad I went and didn’t listen to the inner lazy voice.

Distance: 4.9 K / 3 miles
Time: 00:33:24

Speed per km: 8.80 km/hour (5.5 miles/hour)

Time per km: 06:49
Weather: dry, very hard wind, -2C (26 degrees)

Last song on Ipod before finish: Little Steven – Bitter Fruits

Movies I’ve seen lately

Breaking Dawn Part 2

I didn’t go to the theatre to see the last movie of the Twilight Saga because critics weren’t all that good and I have to say I wasn’t that impressed either. I think the first one still is the best one. But nevertheless I’m sad that there’s no more Edward & Bella, not in books and not in movies.

Thursday February 14, 2013: More jubilee at work photos

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Can I complain about the Winter? I’m so sick of it. I used to love Winter but the past 3 years we’ve had more snow than I’ve ever had for the first 40 years of my life it seems. It’s much colder, usually with a nasty wind that makes it feel colder. Just when I thought we had it all, this week it got colder again and today again snow. I’ve had it, I want Spring!

I have to remember that when I start complaining about the humidity in Summer that right now I’d rather have that than the cold Winters of the past 3 years.

Something else that I’m irritated about: I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead. Not because of the zombies because I don’t really like them but because the story is exciting and I love seeing how the people survive in a world where almost the entire population exists of zombies. We have a Dutch Foxlife here in Holland and the new episode after the Winter break would be on last Tuesday night. But I record The Following (another show I like very much) at the same time, I set the DVR for the rerun on Wednesday morning. I had checked the website and EPG twice if the new episode would be aired and both said it would. So last night I was all ready to watch it and what had they done: air the new episode Tuesday night and the episode before the Winter break on Wednesday morning. At this moment I’m still pissed about that.

Complaining mode off, on to happier things.

Last Tuesday I got a little photo album and a CD with the photos that were taken at my anniversary party at work. There were some great photos on it and what I liked most was that my colleagues were smiling on every photo. It was a happy anniversary and I look back at it with pleasure.

At my desk in my office

Lori you made a comment on Facebook how clean my desk is. This is how I work and how it’s always is. I don’t like a messy desk.

Listening to my manager’s speech for me

Got my present (dinner coupons) 

I specifically asked for this photo, the one on the left is the manager I worked for for 7 years (he retires in June this year), the one on the right is my present manager, whom I have worked for the past 5 years. 

Group photo (about 60% of the people that came to congratulate me, the others were back at work at that time). The guy on the left, right behind me and the two on my right are my favorite boys at work. 

And the last one I requested: our management team that I worked with for the last 3 years. Two of them are still working at the company but at different jobs. 


Finally a run over 5K again. This has been ages ago, at some point I doubted if I would ever do it again but I did. Another good run, three in a row so far and that feels great.


Run-walk ratio: 12-12-8 minutes, 2 minutes walking inbetween (32 minutes running, 5 minutes walking)

Weather: dry, not much wind, -3C (26 degrees)

Distance: 5.2 K / 3.2 miles

Time: 00:36:59

Last song on Ipod before finish: Bruce Springsteen – The Promised Land

Movies I’ve seen lately

New Year’s Eve


I still had not seen this movie and Thursday night I sat down for it and watched it. It’s another movie like Valentine’s Day and Love Actually. I liked it, it’s better than Valentine’s Day but nothing can beat Love Actually.

Friday January 11, 2013: Mishmash

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I got some questions from some of you at my last post. I collected them and answer them here:

  • Lori asked if I eat anything between lunch and dinner.
    I do, also between breakfast and lunch. Usually fruits that is 0 Points. I can’t make it from
    meal to meal on workdays. At the weekend I often skip the snacks because breakfast is later
    and I can make it till lunch.
  • Shelley asked about nap time :)
    I don’t often take naps.  Sometimes on a Saturday afternoon I take a power nap on the couch
    for 30 minutes. That happened more often when I was training for a half and did my long run
    on Saturday.
  • Biz asked me if I don’t eat the flex points because I should because of all my workouts.
    So far I haven’t used them much but I thought about your comment and you are making a
    point here. I’m going to make sure I use more Points on days where I do “heavy” workouts.
    I did some yoga for 30 minutes on Wednesday which is more for my flexibility than that I
    break a sweat. I don’t find it necessary to eat more on days like that.
    Thanks for reminding me Biz.

How do you like my new jackets girls? I needed color in my wardrobe so I bought a yellow and green jacket. I can wear them with black or blue in Winter and wear them through Spring and Summer. I’m bringing back my outfits as of next Monday on the blog.



Wednesday morning I did a yogalates workout for the lower body. I like these workouts because they aren’t too long (I get bored easily with yoga) and it has Pilates exercises in it.
Total time 30 minutes.

I got up for my run Thursday morning but I wasn’t feeling well. I had a terrible headache because I’ve catched a cold that started bothering me Wednesday. But with the reminder of Tuesday in the back of my head where I didn’t run and regretted it all day, I did go and see how far I would come.
Well, not very far. It was a terrible run, I had trouble breathing and my head almost exploded. I ended up doing 1 minute intervals and was glad I was back home after 20 minutes. But … during the day I was glad I did try it, no regrets.

Today is a rest day and I’m glad I feel much better already and going to try another run tomorrow.



Breakfast (8 points): Oatmeal with milk and 1 tablespoon of raisins and I added some brown sugar.

Lunch (9 points) a pita bread filled with tomato, feta cheese, olive oil and parsil. This was surprisingly tasty.


Dinner (9 points): Pork meat, cooked potatoes, Brussels sprouts.


Snacks: 3 clementines, 1 apple, 2 cookies (2 points)


Breakfast (6 points): low fat yogurt, 1 banana and muesli.


Lunch (14 points): I had nothing left in the fridge and was supposed to buy a bread, ham and cheese and some salad at work. But the temptation was too big and I bought some soup, a panini with ham and cheese and milk. This came at 14 points.

But I did learn something and that’s that I better bring my lunch to work so I won’t give in to bad food temptations.

Dinner (10 points): mashed potatoes, carrots and onions with a beef sausage.


Snacks: 1 mueslibar (2 points) 3 clementines, 1 glass of red wine (4 points)


Breakfast (4 points): 2 slices of bread with hüttenkäse and cucumber.

Lunch (11 points): 3 slices of bread with cheese, cucumber and tomato. I bought a bowl tomato soup and a glass of milk at work.

Dinner (12 points) was a WW recipe. Tagliatelle with ham, leek and mushrooms in a sauce of bouillon and herb soft cheese. Delicious.


Snacks: 3 clementines, not hungry in the afternoon and skipped my apple.

Movies I’ve seen lately

The Intouchables.

Last weekend of 2012 we watched this movie and it is the best movie I’ve seen all year. I highly recommend that you see this movie. I had a smile on my face the entire movie and if I didn’t I was crying. What a fantastic and feel good movie.

The movie is French and is based on a true story: a rich man gets paralyzed by paragliding and needs 24 hour care. A poor young man with a criminal past comes to the job interview but only to get an autograph so he can get his social money. The young men ends up working for the rich men and they develop a friendship that lasts till today. They learn things about each others world and interests. That’s all I’m going to tell you about it, you really should see it for yourself. I promise you: it’s worth it.

Wednesday December 12, 2012: Mishmash

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Daily stuff:

Not much to tell from this side of the world. Work is busy and I am looking forward to next week when my holiday starts. I have a vacation planned from Friday afternoon the 21nd till January 3rd.

We decorated the Christmas tree Monday evening and I leave you today with some pics of our decorations.



I did a yogalates workout yesterday, an upper body workout.
Total time: 25 minutes.

I skipped my run this morning. I got up a bit too late and when I looked outside it was raining cats and dogs. I don’t mind running in the dark, I don’t mind running in the rain but the combination of the 2 of them isn’t that attractive to me. Because it was already a bit late the choice not to run was made quickly.

TV shows I watched last week

Mad Men, The Kennedy’s, Private Practice, Once upon a time, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones.

Movies I’ve seen last week

The Help

Finally watched The Help. I have read the book which I loved and I loved the movie just as much as the book. Great movie.

Tuesday December 4, 2012: Mishmash

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Daily stuff:
Last week I heard that Bruce Springsteen was coming back to Hollandnext Summer for a concert and of course we want to go. Saturday ticket sale started at 10 am and I was ready at 9.55 am. At 10.01 am I had tickets for us. Later that day I read on FB that a lot of people had trouble buying tickets and had to wait for hours to be able to buy them. I considered myself lucky that I got them so fast. The concert is in a park on June 22nd next year.

This might be fun to watch for you: if you ever wonder where I live and how my village looks like, watch the video on youtube:

Yesterday a real life soap about a few people that live in my village started on Dutch television. I have seen some of the people sometimes but I don’t know them because I don’t participate active in the community. I wasn’t very impressed with the program either but R. likes it. The comment is in Dutch of course but it gives a view shots of where I live. The total video is only 52 seconds so it doesn’t take much of your time to watch it.


That akward moment when you are only a few minutes in your run and you feel like you have to go the bathroom. At first you keep on going and hope it will go away. But a few minutes later you know you have to get home asap if you don’t want to get in bigger trouble. This happened to me last Wednesday at my morning run.
With all my stomach problems, this was the first time I had to stop a run and go home because I had to go to the bathroom and I didn’t like it at all. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

This morning I did a Turbofire workout: HITT 25. I like the HITT workouts, they are intense but short. I had planned to do a 30 minute sculpt session after this but I overslept and didn’t have time to do it.
Total time: 25 minutes.


Today’s outfit



Monday dinner

Endive with mashed potatoes, bacon, onion, herb cheese and walnuts.

Tuesday dinner

A recipe I saw on a cooking show on the Dutch cooking channel: 24 Kitchen. Chicken with garlic, onion, spices, yogurt and herbs out of the oven, baked potatoes and mashed green peas with mint. I loved it, R. wasn’t that enthousiastic.

TV shows I watched last week

True Blood, The Walking Dead, The Kennedy’s, Mad Men, Private Practice, Downton Abbey, Once upon a time, Revenge, Rookie Blue, Game of Thrones.

Season 3 of Downton Abbey finally started here and I love this show. It’s easy going and I love the English aristocrat environment.

Movies I’ve seen last week

The Hangover part II

I liked part 1 better because of the surprise element but still this was a nice movie to watch on a relaxing Friday night.


A Dutch horror movie. We don’t have Santa Clause, we have Sinterklaas on December 5th. It’s the same principle: giving gifts. This movie was about bad Sinterklaas. This one was murdered in the 14th century and every December 5th when it is full moon his ghost came back to kill as many people as possible. It was scary sometimes and an okay movie, especially for a Dutch movie.

Tuesday November 27, 2012: Health update

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Daily stuff
Pffff work is busy these last weeks of the year, as always at the end of the year. Besides work I have some social work things to go to, starting tomorrow with a reception for someone who is retiring. But I like working in December, everyone is busy but you can feel that everybody is looking forward to the holidays and is in a good mood. I have a vacation from December 24th till January 3rd.

I started eating less carbs last week and I already notice a difference. My IBS problems are less, I don’t feel bloated anymore and I have more energy. I don’t eat carbs at breakfast and lunch but I do at dinner and that works very well for me.
I make sure I get enough sleep (7 hours) at night and I drank less wine last week.
I want to continue this way because I feel so much better.


Did a P90X workout this morning: shoulders and arms. I did skip a few exercises because of the time but it was a good workout.
Total time: 43 minutes.


Yesterday a black dress with a pink jacket with black/pink pumps.


Today I wore this dress with a black jacket and my black boots.



Tuesday dinner

Sausage, potatoes and Brusselssprouts with spring onions, sesame seeds, garlic and soy sauce.

TV shows I watched last week
Mad Men, Rookie Blue, True Blood, The Walking Dead, Parenthood, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory.

Movies I’ve seen last week

MissionImpossible Ghost Protocol

I like Tom Cruise movies, he lives a weird private live but as an actor I think he’s very good. He has made some great movies over the years. And when you watch this movie, you wouldn’t say that’s a guy who’s 50 years old.