Sunday March 2, 2014: Weekend update

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Update on the voice: almost back to normal. There were a lot of people I spoke (if that was possible) that had lost their voice, looks like some kind of virus that went around.

There was a walk I could have done on Saturday but I didn’t go. There will be many walks in March, April en May so skipping one isn’t that bad. Instead Bella and I took a walk outside the town for 1.5 hours, the weather was very pretty for walking.

When I got home I worked in the garden for an hour, made a start to get the garden ready for Spring. We will hire a gardener in the upcoming weeks to prune the trees and bushes. But the cleaning up I can do myself. I only did 1/3 of the garden, which will be my “strategy” for gardening this year. Doing it all at once takes a lot of time so I will try to work in it for an hour every week or so.

We’re going out for dinner tonight. Scored a groupon for a 4 course dinner, 2 for the price of 1, in a restaurant we’ve been to a couple of times before now and it’s always good there. We get to choose from 2 options for every course but everything looks good so that won’t be a problem.

Beebox week 9:

Eggs, apples, green pumpkin, pear/apple juice, pears, radish, rib-eye steak, arugula, shiitake mushrooms, onion, chicory.


Thursday: The Firm Cardio Dance Workout

Hot Latin Mix: dance workout with latin/salsa moves and music. Nice short workout.
Total time: 20 minutes.

Friday: Running

This was a horrible run! I hadn’t run in 10 days and again I was reminded I need to run regularly otherwise I take a few steps back every time. Hopefully I will remind it next time when I don’t want to run. The first 15 minutes were fine, I ran without walking. After that it went downwards very quickly. At some point I just ran or walked when I needed too without checking my watch. I just wanted it to be over. Well, they can’t all be good runs. Positive note: I did go and tried.

365 Days In Nature:

February 22: Spring is coming …

February 23: Wild boars we saw during our walk on Sunday.

February 24: Crows playing soccer J

February 25: Taken last Sunday on our walk.

February 26

February 27: Cows taking a swim (taken last Summer).

February 28

March 1: Chickens

March 2: It’s a beautiful day today.


Wednesday February 26

Jambalaya without fish but with chicken and chorizo. I’ve made enough so I can eat the leftovers on Friday.

Saturday February 22

Arugula with bacon, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes and a dressing of Balsamico with olive oil.


Tuesday January 28, 2014: You are never too old to …

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… see something you never have seen before.

So, I told you my plan to walk in the forest in my birth town and visit my Mom. I did. I picked a trail of 5K (trail is marked with arrows that you follow). It was 9.30 am and a bit chilly and I was all alone (well I crossed 2 mountain bikers and 2 runners). It was so peaceful and quiet.

But … at one point I stood still to make a photo. Bella was off the leash at that moment. I suddenly spotted movement in my right eye and it scared the shit out of me: a pack of wild boars!

I have never seen wild boars in real life and I know they are living in the forests in those woods. This was a pack of Mom, Dad and 3 babies and I learned in school never to mess with boars that have babies. Bella hadn’t seen them yet and I was able to put her on the leash. Then I stood completely still and hoping Bella wouldn’t spot them and when she did she wouldn’t bark.

They came running from the right in front of me and took a left turn into the woods. They never saw me and thank goodness Bella kept quiet, she did spot them however at one point.

I had to make a left turn on the trail too but since that was the direction the boars went, I thought no way I’m going to run into them twice and I made a turn to the left. Thank goodness for the Endomondo app on my phone that I use on every walk because the map helped me find my way back.

It was very special to see the boars but also scary because they can be dangerous. In the end the walk turned out to be 5K and we went to my Mom with a great story to tell.

So much for my plans to exercise regularly. I twisted a muscle in the top (right where the leg is attached to the hip) of my left leg at some point on Friday. I have no idea what I have done to cause this, I can’t remember feeling anything. But it hurted a lot, especially when I oet up after sitting for a while. Walking was okay, after a while it’s warmed up and I don’t feel it that much anymore. I skipped my run Sunday morning, Monday was my rest day but at that point I didn’t feel much anymore. So tried to exercise this morning.


Tuesday: The Firm Cardio Overdrive

One of the workouts from the ultimate fat burning collection. I do like the workouts of the Firm from time to time, sometimes they are a bit old school like the aerobics years ago but I like that. It’s a nice variation to all the other workouts. The workout was 47 minutes long but because I didn’t want to overdo it with my leg and because I have to start over to get a decent fitness level again I did a total of 31 minutes. And it felt good afterwards.

Photo a day challenge:

January 22: Nice!
The sky about 30 minutes before the sun went down.

January 23: Bedtime.
Bella sleeps in her cradle with the door closed in our bedroom. Every night when I go to bed and get my keys from the table, she gets up, runs upstairs and goes to bed.

January 24: Your Space.
My room upstairs where I write my blogs, plan my meals and other things.

January 25: A Taste Of Winter.
This is what Winter looked like this day here in Holland.

January 26: Fun Stuff!
This is what fun is for me, doing things I like: cross stitching, reading and make Japanese puzzles.

January 27: Something I Bought.
You’ve seen this before. I didn’t buy anything special recently because I’m watching my expenses at the moment.

January 28: Dinner.
Burger, rösti, stir-fried kohlrabi with leek, ginger, garlic and soy sauce.


Saturday January 25

A salad of purslane (from the Beebox) with chorizo sausage, onions and garlic with red wine vinegar. Found the recipe on the internet, very simple but very tasteful.

Sunday January 26

I don’t have all my recipes catalogued yet so sometimes it’s easier to look for a recipe online to use up the veggies in my Beebox. That’s what I did with this pumpkin-celeriac soup and it wasn’t a success. No taste at all, I made more so I could put some in the freezer but I ended up throwing it all away because I knew I wouldn’t eat it anymore. Not every recipe is a winner.

Monday January 27

Steak tartare (from the Beebox), potatoes and stir-fried chicory with mushrooms and lemon. The last recipe again I found this recipe online. It was okay but not something to make again.

Tuesday January 28

Burger (from the Beebox), rösti and stir fried kohlrabi with leek, ginger and garlic and some soy sauce. I never ate kohlrabi this way but it was very good. For the photo see the photo challenge because today’s prompt was dinner.


Tuesday November 5, 2013: Health update

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I have talked a few times about my bowel problems. I’ve been having this since July 2010. I went to see the doctor in September 2010 about it, they ran some tests but couldn’t find anything. I was sent home with “it’s probably IBS, try to live with it”. I did but nothing I did worked. There have been periods where I didn’t have (many) symptoms.

And suddenly I had enough of it. I don’t want to live the rest of my life like this (I’m not going to tell you the nasty details but I spent a lot of time in the bathroom). I am slowly gaining weight even in periods when I eat very healthy and exercise. If I do that I normally should lose weight. My stomach is huge, especially at the end of the day. Besides my bowel problems I’m feeling good, I don’t have other health problems.

I decided that I was going to see my doctor again and this time I wouldn’t go home till I have a real diagnosis and help to deal with it. Friday was my appointment and she took me serious. They are going to run some tests. I let them take blood and I had to bring something (you probably know what) in on Monday. They will test on parasites/bacteriums, if my thyroid works normal and if I might have gluten intolerance. The first 2 things can be treated with medication but if I have a gluten intolerance it will mean I have to change my way of eating. I have symptoms that both can point at thyroid problems or gluten intolerance. At this point I’m not jumping into conclusions and wait for the results at my next appointment with my doctor on November 13th.

Beebox content week 45:

Carrots, beets, apple juice, ciabatta bread, white grapes, apples, rocket salad, mushroom mix, onions, parsley, celeriac, pumpkin.


Sunday: Running

I took a few steps back in my training schedule and the result was that I ran all 3 scheduled runs last week. Sunday was the third run of the week. The weather was good, although a bit windy. This run went great, same as the other 2 last week. So … so far so good when it comes to get back to regular running. Now I have to stick with it.

Distance: 3.5 K / 2.1 miles
Time: 00:25:26
Running: 1-2-4-4-5 minutes.
Paces: 6:05 – 6:06 – 6:20 – 6:25 – 6:19
Weather: dry, bit windy, 9C (48 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Irene Cara – Fame.

Tuesday: Stretching

Turbofire Stretch, 40 minutes.
A good and nice long stretch workout. I definitely don’t do this often enough. At the beginning I was very stiff but at the end I could feel that my muscles were more flexible. Great workout.

Tuesday: The Firm

Total Body Toner, 34 minutes.
Great total body workout with weights.


Saturday November 2

We went out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary on October 29th. We went to the restaurant in our village where we have been before. The one that’s in the mill. For starters I had risotto with mushrooms and cheese -> delicious!

Main was pork tenderloin with bacon and onions served with fries and overcooked broccoli (which R. likes but I don’t).

Dessert crème brulée with whipped cream. Normally it is served with some ice cream too but I don’t like ice cream that much and asked if they could serve without it.

Sunday November 3

Third time I used pumpkin. The first 2 dishes with pumpkin failed but this time it was perfect. I made a Thai pumpkin soup that was tasty and spicy. The recipe was from one of my cooking magazines and definitely a keeper.

Monday November 4

Since I never cook with beets (and my recipe database is far from complete)  I searched for a recipe on the internet and found a dish that included mashed potatoes, beets, bacon, onion and apple. Very tasty dish.

Tuesday November 5

I made a soup of the celeriac and added the mushrooms from the Beebox and some bacon. I liked it a lot, R. not so much.


Thursday October 17, 2013: Happy

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These days the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams is a lot on the radio. It’s a hit here at the moment. This afternoon I heard it again and besides the song itself makes me happy, I realized I’m happy.

I’m happy because I made a few decisions the past week, discovered new things I like a couple of months ago and just because life is good.

  • Happy that I have decided not to run races anymore. Takes a lot of the pressure off.
  • Happy that I don’t have to do that anymore, like running in the rain early in the morning.
  • Happy that Bella and I are enjoying the long walk events so much.
  • Happy I got a new manager last month. Someone who used to be one of my favorite colleagues but now has made promotion to manager and I work for and with him. I love my job and the people I work with.
  • Happy with my Beebox.
  • Happy that even though I still have too much weight, I’m okay with it. I’m happy with my body at the moment. Not saying I will keep feeling this way but for now I am.
  • Happy with my home, R. and Bella.
  • Happy I gave myself a gift. A lot of my recipes says to use garam masala, an Eastern spicemix. But my grocery store sells a lot but not that. I was looking on the internet for this spice and came across a box with exclusive spices and decide to treat myself. I got 15 different spices like green, red and madras curry spices, various spices for meat, cinnamon and others.  I put them above my stove and just looking at them makes me happy, also because all the different colors of the boxes.

Life is good and I have a lot to be grateful for (and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet). To finish with another favorite song of me at the moment: I’m “On top of the world” by Imagine Dragons.

Beebox content week 42:

Endive, potatoes, portabella mushrooms, eggplant, watercress, corn, red pepper, tomatoes, onion, strawberries, pears, bread, apple juice.

Strawberries this week. I only buy strawberries during the season and was surprised they are in the box in October. Saw a message on FB that these strawberries grew in a Dutch greenhouse that, because of the warm weather, hasn’t been heated yet. So the strawberries are grown environment-friendly. I tried one when I got the box and they are delicious.


Wednesday: The Firm

Hard Core Fusion Express, 10 minutes.
The workout is 35 minutes but right from the start I wasn’t feeling it. Besides the “I don’t have to do that” mantra I adopted from Shelley, I also adopted Helen’s “do it for 10 (or was it 15) minutes and if you still don’t want to do it, stop”. And after 10 minutes I still wasn’t feeling it.

Thursday: The Firm Express

Cycle 1 Cardio/Sculpt, 20 minutes.
I didn’t sleep well, I saw every hour on the clock. When the alarm went, I was tempted to stay in bed but didn’t. I said to myself to do a short workout and that I could take a rest day tomorrow. Got out of bed, put on my workout clothes and went downstairs. Afterwards I was glad I did do the workout. These workouts are short but intense, no time for rest during the workout.


Wednesday October 16

Green chicken-coconut curry with mushrooms and green peas. A recipe I have made before but this time I used the green curry spices from my new collection. We had yellow rice to go with this dish. Tasty!

Thursday July 4, 2013: Photo a day challenge

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Thank you all so much for your support on my running decision. It means a lot to me.
A big shout out and thank you to my blogger friend Shelley. I received a lovely card from her on Monday, just at a moment I needed it. Thank you my dear friend.

Happy Independence Day to my US readers.
I’m asking you for a little prayer or a thought, especially today, for my blogger friend Linzi. I’ve been reading her blog for almost 4 years. I’ve read about the road to her first marathon. The road to and the day of her wedding. Her move from Idaho to Texas as an army wife. Her pregnancy and the deployment of her husband during her pregnancy and the birth of her beautiful baby boy. Therefore I was shocked when I read on FB last month that her husband got attacked in Afghanistan during a mission. He has lost both his legs at this attack and is still fighting for his life today. He was there to secure your and my freedom. And Independence day is all about being independent and free.

It’s weekend and we finally have some good weather on the way. The forecast for the next 2 weeks is sunny and about 25C (77 degrees). A temperature which is perfect for me. Saturday morning Bella and I are doing an organized 10K walk again. You can start from 8.30 am and the plan is to be there at that time so we will be back before it’s too warm.

Photo a day July

My blogger friend Roz has been doing this in June and I enjoyed watching the photo’s she took every day. This month I’m joining her. The challenge gives a subject to photograph every day.

July 1: Happiness
This little diva is pure happiness to me every single day.


July 2: Shoes
One of my favorite things as you know. I shot these two pairs of shoes I recently bought.

July 3: Cold
The only thing I could come up with was the inside of my freezer. This is the little one in the kitchen, we have a bigger one in the garage. In this one we keep bread, frozen fruit and food for Bella.


July 4: Red, white or blue
Happy Independence Day!



Running Monday

I started 7W25K (7 weeks to 5K) on Monday. I had to run 17 minutes and walk 12 minutes. I want to get to a pace of 6:00/6:10 per km so I can run a 5K in about 30 minutes. Because I have so many (long) walk breaks in the beginning, I try to run at the fastest pace I can and on Monday it went perfect.

Distance: 4 K / 2.5 miles
Time: 00:29:07
Running: 3-3-4-4-3 minutes.
Paces: 6:22 – 6:13 – 6:15 – 6:02 – 5:57
Weather: dry, not much wind, 13C (55 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Passenger – Holes

Strength Tuesday

The Firm Total Body Time-Crunch. Total time: 40 minutes.
Strength exercises alternated with cardio exercises. Good workout.

Running Wednesday

Day 2 of week 1 of 7W25K. Same training as on Monday: 17 minutes of running, 12 minutes of walking. It went as good as on Monday.


Distance: 4.1 K / 2.5 miles
Time: 00:29:43
Running: 3-3-4-4-3 minutes.
Paces: 6:24 – 6:02 – 5:59 – 6:05 – 5:52
Weather: drizzling rain, not much wind, 16C (60 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Guns ‘n Roses – Sweet child o’mine

Strength Thursday

P90X Plus: Abs/Core. Total time: 21 minutes.
This was actually a very boring workout. Usually I love P90X workouts but not this one. I did finish it because I knew it was only 20 minutes. But I’m not going to do it again.


Monday July 1

This week I’m cooking retro: old recipes from magazines. Except Monday’s meal which was a new one: Asian meatballs, spinach with sesame seeds and rice.

Tuesday July 2

Meatball with cheese and mustard, grilled zucchini.

Wednesday July 3

Jambalaya with chicken and chorizo.

Thursday July

Oven dish of minced meat, red cabbage and mashed potatoes.

Tuesday May 7, 2013: Still here

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Thursday was my Mom’s birthday, she turned 71. We celebrated it Thursday night. May is a busy birthday month in my family because not only my Mom has her birthday, my Dad had his birthday in May too and the last one to close the line is me. I have one sister and her birthday is in January.

R’s best friend celebrated his birthday last Saturday. It was a very pleasant evening and as usual it was late again. We were in bed at 3 am. I took it easy on the wine though and because of that I was okay the next day, even though I didn’t get enough sleep.

Tomorrow is my Friday because Thursday is a Christian holiday (Ascension day) and we get a vacation day for that. Friday is my usual day off but if it wasn’t I had a vacation day too because my company is closed. That’s two work weeks of 3 days, I can really get used to that as long as I get paid for 36 hours LOL.


Tempo Tuesday

Tempo run of 30 minutes with 1 tempo part of 3 minutes. I took 1 walk break around 20 minutes and it still was one of my fastest runs. This is good and bad. Good because I hadn’t run in over a week and had a hard time getting out of the door for this run. Bad because I want to stick to my paces, otherwise I won’t make it through a half marathon. I need to slow down. The pace for this run was too fast. But … I had a good feeling after finishing this run. Now all I have to do is put on those running shoes again for my next run and keep doing that. And .. it was perfect running weather:

Distance: 4.5 K / 2.8 miles
Time: 00:29:53

Speed per km: 9.04 km/hour (5.8 miles/hour)

Time per km: 06:38
Weather: dry, not much wind, 9C (48 degrees)

Last song on Ipod before finish: Philip Philips – Home

Core Wednesday

The Firm Core Solutions: 3 10-minute workouts that I all did. Standing abs, core and abs sculpting and traditional abs. First time I did this workout and I like it. Total time: 30 minutes.

Easy Thursday

Easy 20 minute run. A good run, no walk breaks, no watching paces, just run. Huge bonus at this run: I left at daylight! No more running in the dark for at least 4 months from now: woohoo!

Distance: 3 K / 1.9 miles
Time: 00:20:24

Speed per km: 8.82 km/hour (5.5 miles/hour)

Time per km: 06:48
Weather: dry, little bit of wind, 7C (44 degrees)

Last song on Ipod before finish: Glee Cast – Somebody that I used to know.

Long Easy Saturday 

The plan was to run 7K on Saturday but as soon as I started to run I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t feel a 100% and my right calve was a bit hurting. I didn’t want to turn around and go home and decided to do an easy short run. I had to take a few walk breaks too. It wasn’t one of my best runs but afterwards I was glad I went and did something, even if it was short.

Distance: 3.2 K / 2 miles
Time: 00:22:54

Speed per km: 8.38 km/hour (5.2 miles/hour)

Time per km: 07:09
Weather: dry, sunny, little bit of wind, 10C (50 degrees)

Last song on Ipod before finish: Gloria Gaynor – I will survive.

Struggle Monday and Tuesday

Two days in a row I got out of bed, got dressed in my running clothes and just couldn’t motivate myself to go run, not even the fact that it was already light helped. So I went back upstairs, get undressed and took a shower. It’s so hard to motivate myself at the moment but I keep on trying. Tomorrow morning I will get dressed for a run again and hopefully this time I do go.


Monday April 29

I made meatloaf for the first time in my life. Saw the recipe in the free magazine of my supermarket and made it on Monday. And it was very, very good and definitely will return on the menu. We ate it with mashed potatoes and green beans.

Tuesday April 30

New recipe: pasta with tomatoes and mozzarella out of the oven. The original recipe is vegetarian but I’ve added some ham to it. Tasted good!


Wednesday May 1

I have made this Ainsley recipe before: chicken madras curry with banana with yellow rice. Not to spicy but very good.


Sunday May 5

A pasta dish with white asparagus, ham, cherry tomatoes and asparagus sauce.

Tuesday January 22, 2013: 10 years at the company

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As you might remember I had a jubilee day back in September for all the people that had their jubilee last year. Today was all about me because we celebrated my 10 years at the company today with the people I work with daily. My official jubilee date was December 16th but my manager was extremely busy the last month of last year and asked me to postpone because he wanted to give me the jubilee I deserved so we postponed till today.

When I arrived at work there were posters everywhere on my way to the first floor where my office is. My manager had a colleague who is very good with photoshop made it. The subtitle says “in top shape to the next 10 years”.

At 10 am all my colleagues came to my managers office to congratulate me and after that my manager prepared a speech for me. Boy, he does know me well. I can’t remember everything (he did everything with only some words on a piece of paper) but I do remember some.

High standards: he told the others that I hardly ever make mistakes but when I do, he’s having fun for a week, mostly because I hate it so much to make mistakes. He said that happened twice since we work together.

Guardian angel versus pitbull: he says I’m very protective of the managers I work for and I do anything for them to help them do their job -> guardian angel. If I have to do something for them I go through walls if I have to to get it done -> pitbull. He also said he never has to write down what he asks me to do because he knows that once it’s asked, it’s done.

Discrete: he told everyone there that he could trust me a 100%, that I know everything what’s going on in the company but never tell anyone and how important that is for him.

Caring: he said I care for the managers I work for and I care for the ones at home: R., my family and friends and Bella of course. He said that I sometimes come to him and say that we need to have a talk and I usually have an idea how to do things better or how I can help one of the other managers of the company. He likes my initiative and that I’m always looking how I can help others. I can have a big mouth but deep down I’m a very sensitive and sweet girl who wants to take care of others.

Perfectionist: he used my running for this. He was already my manager when I started running and he knows how much time and effort I put into it. He said I should be more proud of what I’ve accomplished. He mentioned my DNF at the half marathon because of the heat. He knew how much I’ve trained for it and that I was ready. I was too hard on myself for not finishing that day, I should have looked back at how I got there and what I had accomplished with running. Bottom line: I should be more proud of my runs instead of looking at what went wrong. Hmmmm he could be right.

He ended by saying how glad he was that I am his assistant and hoped we have many more years of working together to come.

By that time I was blushing, I don’t like being in the spotlights, that’s why I chose this job: let me take care of things in the background and I’m happy. I had a little thank you prepared myself and it felt like I was shaking and blushing but my colleagues said later that I did great and it was a sweet speech. My last words were for my manager and the one I had worked for for 7 years because they are special for me.

Then I got a present, everyone had given some money to buy me a present and I got a couple of dinner cheques so R. and I can go out for dinner. We ended with cake and a group photo. The photos below one of my colleagues took with my camera but there was a professional photographer too and when I get his photos I’ll show them here.

With one of my favorite colleagues:

 On my right the manager I worked with for 7 years, he’s retiring this July. Next to him the manager I work for now.

So many came, this is not even half of the people that came for me.


Well enough self-clarification for one day back to keeping both foot on the ground. But it does feel pretty damn good to be this appreciated.


After doing nothing for 2 days I did a short The Firm Express workout, cardio to see how I would feel and how it would go and it went okay. Still not 100% fit but much, much better.
Total time: 20 minutes.

This morning when I woke up I felt I had a setback and felt worse than yesterday. The decision to take an extra rest day was made quickly and I didn’t do anything today.

Weight Watchers review:


Three weeks down and many more to go. I had a totally off day on Thursday. I had a meeting including lunch and I ate too much. I find it hard to estimate what I eat when I don’t make it myself and I ended up not counting on Thursday. Friday I didn’t eat much good food because I was sick. But the other days of the week were good. The good news is that I just continued counting and eat healthy after an off day. And I was rewarded by another loss on the scale. Next week I’ll give an update on that.

Tuesday January 15, 2013: Today I’m hardcore!

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Remember I told you I am in a work group to improve the vitality of our employees at my work? Well this week we are having a “FIT” week. Every day we have something to do. Yesterday you could test your eyes, blood pressure, measure your fat etcetera. Tomorrow the insurance company is coming to tell some things and Thursday is about mental health. Today was about moving.

The company has a contract with the gym across the street where we can get a membership with a discount. I don’t have it because I don’t live in the same village as where I work and I don’t want to drive there at night or in weekends. The gym came over to the company today and before lunch two instructors went to different floors in the building and we (I accompanied them because I’m in the work group) got people out of their office to do some exercises. Not many were that good a sports to do it but a few did and it was fun. During lunch they gave some demonstrations of parts of group classes.

The photo below is something I noticed yesterday: someone let the water from the statue freeze and this is how it looks now.


The weather turned bad during the day. In the morning we had a little snow but by the time I had to drive home there was more and the roads were very bad to drive. I took it easy and slow and was glad I made it home safe.


Monday morning I did a short The Firm workout: Club Dance. This was fun.
Total time: 20 minutes.

As said above we have snow. The forecast was that it would start here during the night and I put two sets of clothes ready: 1 for running and 1 for a home workout and decided I would see how it would be this morning. It was snowing when I got up but not much and I decided to go out and do my run. Boy I did feel like one hard core bad ass when I was finished: I ran in the dark, in the cold and in the snow.

Right now I’m glad I went because this morning the bike path was pretty good to run at, right now it’s a mess and it’s much colder tomorrow morning. So tomorrow morning I stay inside and do a workout DVD.

Run-walk ratio: 7 x 3 minutes, 1 minute walking inbetween (21 minutes running, 7 minutes walking)
Weather: snow, little wind, -3C (26 degrees)
Distance: 3.8 K / 2.4 miles
Time: 00:27:36
Last song on Ipod before finish: Madonna – Like a prayer.



Breakfast (7 points): Two slices of whole wheat bread with a boiled egg.

Lunch (6 points) Three slices of whole wheat bread with filet american and pickles, an orange.


Dinner (8 points): Pork tenderloin, potatoes, chicory with béchamel sauce.


Snacks: ½ Mango, 3 Clementines, 2 cookies (2 Points).


Breakfast (5 points): Two slices of whole wheat bread with strawberry jelly.

Lunch (12 points): Turkish bread caprese (with pesto, tomato, rocket salad and mozzarella). I bought a container of low fat yogurt with some honey and milk at work.


Dinner (8 points): (no picture, forgot it) Chicken breast, baked potatoes and carrots with green peas.

Snacks: ½ Mango, 3 Clementines.

Weight Watchers review:


Two weeks done and I’ve lost more weight than I expected because I normally lose weight slow. I will mention my weight here but only once a month at the beginning of a new month. It still goes very well, I’m not hungry and I eat very tasty meals. Remarks:

  • With the breakfast and lunch that I eat now, I realized how boring these meals have been the past two years or so. I often ate the same. I have a lot more variation now.
  • I need to work on eating fruits at the weekend. Usually I’m not hungry between meals in the weekend and I eat nothing but I also don’t eat fruits at lunch or dinner. Need to work on that.
  • Because I lost weight 2 weeks in a row I gave myself a “reward” and ordered another WW cook book.


Monday: dress in white/black/blue with a blue jacket and blue suede high boots.

Tuesday: blue pants, white top, emerald green jacket, blue suede high boots.

Wednesday November 7, 2012: Mishmash

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Daily stuff
R. went to the doctor and got antibiotics for his cold. We have decided to stay home this weekend. He isn’t feeling any better despite the medicines and it’s better to stay home and get well.

Sunset Monday afternoon

Today I got an email that my photobook of my jubilee day in September was ready. I went to pick it up immediately. The girl who took the photos that day made a personal photo book for everybody. It looks really nice and is a great reminder of a fantastic day. I asked her if I could get the best photos digital and here they are.



Tuesday morning I did The Firm Total Body Time-Crunch, the express workout. It’s a complete weights workout with exercises for the upper and lower body. Great workout.
Total time: 25 minutes.

I got my butt out of my warm bed to do training 2 of my 5K program. I knew I only had to do 20 minutes which made it much easier to get up and go outside. And it wasn’t bad at all. The only thing was that my right calve started to hurt halfway, this happened last Sunday too. I’m starting to think my sneakers are causing this, I have them for over two years and wear them everyday during my walks with Bella. Maybe it’s time to buy some new ones.

Running 2-3-2-3-2-3 with 1 minute walk breaks (20 minutes total)
Weather:dry, not much wind,11C(51 degrees)
Distance: 2.9 K / 1.8 miles
Time: 00:20:10
Last song on Ipod before finish: Marco Borsato – Kom maar op


From your comments it seemed you like it if the outfits will come back. I’ll post as many as possible from now on but not with me in it. I don’t like it when there are too many photos of me on the blog.

Tuesday I wore a grey dress with a black jacket and grey suede boots.

Today a grey skirt with red and black stripes with a red sweater and high black boots.



This is where all the “magic” happens. One of my favourite things in our house.

Tuesday dinner

I made an oven dish of potatoes, chicory, ham and cheese. Very simple and easy to make and very tasteful.

Wednesday dinner

Spaghetti with onion, garlic, bacon and spinach.

Book I’m reading

George R.R. Martin
A Song of Fire and Ice – Book4 AFeast for Crows

Still don’t read much and still haven’t finished this one.

TV shows I watched last week

Mad Men, Rookie Blue, The Walking Dead, Once upon a time, Revenge, The Big Bang Theory, Parenthood, Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy.