Tuesday December 3, 2013: I got an original …

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I won’t be doing a review over November. I’ll post my final results of this year at the end of this month.


  • It was my best month with exercise this year, I moved for 26 hours and 27 minutes. Can you believe almost 20 hours of that was walking with Bella and about 100K (62 miles)?
  • Bella and I took 4 long walks in November.
  • I even ran a little more K’s than in October.
  • I finished “The Coachroach” by Jo Nesbø and continued in his next book “The Redbreast”.
  • It was the month of R.’s birthday which we celebrated with a delicious dinner.

I got one! I got an original Shelley hat! Yesterday a package arrived in the mail and when I saw it was from Shelley I almost immediately knew what was in it because I’ve been nagging her about one everytime she finished one. And now I got my own beautiful pink hat which I will wear proudly on the cold Dutch Winter days:

Thank you so much sweet Shelley, I love it!


Monday: Running

Week 7 started today. The weather was perfect for running: not to cold and no wind. I had my thermo clothes underneath my running clothes but that was too warm actually. I didn’t watch my pace during the running intervals and just ran at what pace felt fine. I was a bit slower than the last runs but the intervals were a bit longer too. Overall I was happy with this run.


Distance: 4.5 K / 2.8 miles
Time: 00:32:10
Running: 5-6-7-8 minutes.
Paces: 6:44 – 6:44 – 6:49 – 6:39
Weather: dry, no wind, 3C (37 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Simple Plan – Summer paradise

Tuesday: Strength

X-TrainFit Chest & Back. Total time 43 minutes.
The total workout exists of 3 circuits of the same chest and back exercises. I did 2 circuits today.

Photo a day challenge:

As I mentioned last week I joined two photo challenges on closed FB groups. I’m sharing them on my blog too. On Tuesday I will do a recap of last week’s photo a day challenge. On Thursday/Friday I’ll share the week of 365 Days In Nature.

December 1: Red.
Saw these red berries on my walk last Saturday.

December 2: Where I stood.
Stood on this train track last Saturday when I had to cross it during our walk.

December 3: Silver.
This was a difficult one, I thought of something Christmas but saw a lot of that today. I choose a glass with silver where we burn little lights in at night.


Sunday December 1

I made a vegetable soup with the soup vegetables from the Beebox: it was delicious. I made bruschetta with pesto, tomato and mozzarella cheese (all from the Beebox) to eat with it.

Monday December 2

Time to try the Soester tubers: I cooked them and then mashed them. I made a kind of stew of the Romanesco with tomatoes and we had a meat ball with cheese and mustard to go with it. I liked it, R. not so much.

Tuesday December 3 

I was home late and I knew I would and had planned an easy dinner: pork, baked potatoes, carrots/green peas. Ready in 15 minutes.

Sunday June 2, 2013: Lovely weekend

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I recently received my vacation money and I always buy something for myself when I get it. This year I bought two things. I bought a pair of Reebok shoes that are especially for walking. I have been wearing Adidas sneakers for the last 2 years but I noticed they need to be replaced because sometimes my feet hurt when I get home. Bella checked them out when I got them:


The other thing is something I have been wanting for a long time. It’s a cook book (surprised anyone?) called De Zilveren Lepel (The Silver Spoon). It’s the Italian cook bible with only Italian recipes in it. 1500 pages and I think over 2000 recipes of pure Italian food. Can’t wait to use this one but it will be hard to choose because at the first look I saw already so many delicious recipes.


My weekend was great. Saturday I went for a run first, my longest one in a long time. I planned walk events for the rest of this year, 1 every month. Took a walk with Bella. Watch the seasons final of Once upon a time and we had a movie night at home and watched Skyfall which we hadn’t seen yet.

Sunday I started my day with yoga. Went to the forest with Bella and R. Did some meal planning. Read my book in the sun and watched an episode of Mad Men.


Easy Thursday

Easy 20 minute run. Nothing to complain about this run, it was slow, it was easy, no walk breaks, perfect running weather. Great run.

Distance: 3 K / 1.8 miles
Time: 00:21:25
Speed per km: 8.40 km/hour (5.2 miles/hour)
Time per km: 07:08
Weather: dry, not much wind, 10C (50 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Paul McCartney – With a little luck

Long Saturday

Long run of 9K planned and done. There was a lot of wind though. I always map my route the night before a run and in the morning I check where the wind is coming from and start with the wind against me. I did that on Saturday too which made the first 3K pretty hard, after that I had the wind in my back or sideways. I did longer running parts and walked every 1.5K (before this it was after every 1K). Did worked very well too. All things considered: a great run.

Distance: 9 K / 5.6 miles
Time: 01:04:45
Speed per km: 8.34 km/hour (5.2 miles/hour)
Time per km: 07:12
Weather: dry and cloudy, pretty strong wind, 10C (50 degrees)
Last song on Ipod before finish: Europe – The Final Countdown (very appropriate for the last song during a run)

Yoga Sunday

X-TrainFit Yoga, 41 minutes.

Oh my, oh my, my flexibility is terrible. It took more than half of the workout to loosen up. I really need to stretch more or do more yoga but the truth is: it’s my least favorite workout to do. I do it because it’s good for my body but don’t really enjoy it.

This has been my best workout week of this year because I did every workout/run I planned and that hasn’t happened yet. Very happy and satisfied with this week. 

Tuesday March 26, 2013: Mishmash

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Holy crap it’s so cold. When you are behind glass it looks perfect because the sun shines, it’s dry but as soon as you stick your nose out of the door it’s frozen because of the hard Eastern wind. The forecast is that the wind lies down after Thursday but still it’s too cold for this time of year. At least the crocuses aren’t fooled by the weather and they come up everywhere.


Sunday evening we had our anniversary dinner. I bought a Groupon for a 4 course dinner, 2 for the price of 1. We didn’t know the restaurant before but we will definitely go back someday. It looked a bit like a library and the food was great. We had a selected wine with every course. It was delicious.



After a week of almost doing nothing (no running and only 2 other workouts) I got it together and did a X-TrainFit workout, completely focused on the arms and shoulders. I did two rounds of dumbbell / body weight exercises. Felt great afterwards. Total time: 48 minutes.

Monday morning I went for a short and easy run. The wind was still very hard but I choose a route where I wouldn’t have to run against it very much. The run itself went great and I didn’t take walk breaks.

Bonus: I came home in daylight. I have been waiting for this for a couple of weeks. Just a few more weeks and I don’t have to run in the dark anymore, can’t wait.


Distance: 3.2 K / 2 miles
Time: 00:21:50

Speed per km: 8.79 km/hour (5.5 miles/hour)

Time per km: 06:49
Weather: dry, very hard wind, -3C (26 degrees)

Last song on Ipod before finish: ABC – All of my heart


This morning I did a Yogalates workout but I stopped before I was finished. I wasn’t into it. To be honest I don’t like yoga all that much. I do it because it’s good for my flexibility but it’s my least favourite workout to do. Total time: 15 minutes.

Weekly workout review:

Not my best workout week, mostly because it was so freaking cold and I didn’t run because of that and kept the walk with Bella short.



We started with carpaccio.

After that I had Iberio (I think that’s a Spanish) pork.


Main was beef tenderloin with pepper sauce and vegetables.


Dessert was crème brulee with icecream.



“Broodje (sandwich) shoarma” . A popular fast food here but not the healthiest choice. I made a healthier version myself with chicken (normally it’s pork), I made the garlic sauce myself and ate it with Turkish bread. I also bought some tomato-egg salad to go with it.



Chicken in pesto-cream sauce with baked potatoes and stir-fried spinach with garlic.

Friday November 9, 2012: Kitchen edition

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Daily stuff:
Yesterday I had a workshop with the secretaries and other ladies in support functions at my work. It was held in a hotel in the next town. I have mixed feelings about it. The subjects would be “Effective influence” and “Quality of the communication at work”. But both subjects weren’t discussed. I also missed the interaction with my colleagues. It was more a one woman show by the lady who gave the workshop. She was talking almost the entire day and mostly about the differences between man and woman. We did laugh a lot however, she had a lot of anecdotes to tell but I think the workshop totally missed what it was supposed to be about. I haven’t learned anything.

In 2 weeks we have another one, this is just the afternoon and only for the 5 management assistants at our company. Subject should be “how close is our team” but I have doubts if we will talk about that after yesterday.

The cook book addict has got herself a new toy: the new Jamie Oliver cookbook “Jamie’s 15 minute meals”. And another one is on the way: the new cook book by Nigella Lawson.

Shelley asked if I could give a tour through my kitchen. Well your wish is my command. Our kitchen isn’t very big but I’m very proud and happy with it. We renovated it, I think, about 10 years ago but I’m still happy with it every day. My favorite things in it are my stove and our espresso machine.

View from outside (Shelley, noticed that Bella is copying Paco’s behaviour by wanting to get in the picture)

View from the living room (R. placed the en suite doors himself):


In the corner we have a kitchen table and on the right is the fridge. The “painting” on the wall is a cross-stitch I made myself.


Stove and espresso machine on the right:


Middle of the kitchen:


Yesterday: black pants, black/beige blouse, black jacket and black suede boots.




Yesterday morning I did the hardcore workout. An entire workout focussed on the core. Pretty hard but enough variation in the exercises.
Total time: 53 minutes.